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Favored items not showing in activity feed

It has come to my attention that the items that I favor are not showing up on the activity feed. The item I favor can be seen only by the owner of that shop. No one else.
This has happened to other people like, Sunday from Painted on Plaques. Please find away to fix this. It does make a difference and I have not made a sale in a long time. I believe this is the reason why.

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I thought I remembered a couple of you from a thread a couple of months back. I wrote a good bit about this issue here:


We do our best to include all activity in the feed, but the more people you add to your circle and the more active they are, the more likely you are to miss activity from various people in your circle. When you've got hundreds of active members of the Etsy community in your circle and they're favoriting, buying and adding other members to their circles, you're going to run up against the limits of the feature pretty quickly.

We're sorry that some members might have trouble seeing particular folks, but if your activity can be seen in one person's feed, it can be seen in others as well. I hope this, as well as the information in my posts in the thread linked above, is helpful!

But there are occasions when a story may slip through the cracks. The Activity Feed is a social shopping feature and isn't ideal for running your shop or keeping track of your shop's activity. Check out your Shop Stats for detailed info about your shop traffic (www.etsy.com/help/article/541) and keep an eye on your email and sold orders page for new sales info.

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Hi Denise, you're INVISIBLE just like me now!
I know that they told me it's a HUGE problem and they told me to make sure that whoever is INVISIBLE reports it.
And me, alot of the time, Denise!
Sometimes I have fav, unfav, and refav items several times for them to show up.
it's happening to my shop too now
so this issue was brought up by Sunday a while back and now it seems it is spreading
could you get this out to your techs so we can have some sales
kind regards
Yes, I have not had a sale for a while either. First my feed kept getting stuck, and my favs often do not show up. I faved Denise's shop today and never did see my favs on the feed. Also Sunday cannot see me fav on her feed.
When I came here to report this for the first time, and second time, and third time......they told me that it's because I'm in too many circles.

However, I then reported it to Chad, the CEO, and he had his Tech look into the problem. He's the one that actually worked on my activity feed and told me that it's a HUGE FIX. They will fix the problem when there are more complaints about it.
So, now there are 3 more complaints right here. Any more?
I saw someone post the same problem awhile ago. But when I added her to my circle and others did as well, including admin, we all saw her favorited items.

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