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Shop Section not sticking when saving drafts

In the past few days, I've noticed that when creating a draft listing, the Shop Section I've chosen doesn't stick after saving it as a draft.

When I go back in to make final changes before publishing, the Shop Section is blank, even if I added a section when first creating it.

Hope this can be changed soon, I will have to go back and look at my listings to see how many were published without a section before catching this.

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HI there,

You know, I seem to recall a similar issue from a while back. I think I will bump this thread and see who else is noticing this. Thanks!
Thanks! On a similar note, I've also noticed that when renewing a listing and changing the section, the section doesn't stick either.

I just renewed something and it appeared in the old section. But when I went to edit the listing to change it, the correct section was already selected...it just didn't appear there.
Hi BrownEyedRoseVintage,

Can you post a link to one of the items in which you've seen this latter phenomenon? I'd like to take a look at it and see if I can see what you see. Thanks!
I've already fixed the problem, so I'm not sure if you'll be able to see anything. But here's the listing:

It was originally listed in my Vintage Jewelry section, but I changed it before renewing so that it would appear in the Christmas/Seasonal.

After going back into the listing (once it was actually listed), it did show Christmas/Seasonal as the category and started showing up there after I republished it.
Oops, here it is:

I'm also having an issue when copying a sold listing. I'm on my second try with this copied from sold:


All I'm doing is a bit of editing and go to preview and makes me stop and fix a problem in the shop section, of which it is an identical item except for a minor color difference. The first time I tried to change it to a different section to see if that would unlock it, but it kept giving me an error message.

Just tried a different sold item that I had another; all I did was delete and replace photos and change the condition description slightly.

Clicked preview and had the same message about fixing the problem in the section, which I did not change. It's the same item.

Hi funkyjunkyvintage,

Can you send a screenshot to community@etsy.com of that error message, including the URL that's present in the address bar? This'll be helpful as we investigate the issue. You can read up on how to take a screenshot here:


And be sure to write that the email is for me! Thanks!
Rob, thanks, I did the close all browser tabs and cleared my cache, came back and did another copy and it worked this time. Should have tried that before posting, I guess.

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