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Etsy / Facebook fail. Can't share listings or treasuries.

When I copy/paste the url of an etsy listing or treasury to my Facebook staus, instead of the item & photos it returns this:
(No Title)

I've tested this with multiple items & treasuries.
I also tested with items & articles from other sites, so it doesn't appear to be a Facdbook problem.

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I'm finding that I can recreate this in some circumstances but not in others. If you'd try something for me:

On Facebook, go into your Account Settings -> Security and check your "Secure Browsing" setting. You'll have the option to use https pages on Facebook when possible. Can you let us know if you're encountering one of the issues described here :

a) if it's a listing or treasury you can't share
b) if you have Secure Browsing enabled or disabled on Facebook
c) if the URL you're sharing that won't work is http or https.

If it is disabled, try enabling it, posting again and see if that works. Thanks very much for your reports!
We're investigating this now. We'll have this fixed up as soon as possible.

We recently identified issues with members sharing treasuries and listings to Facebook. Our tech team is working on this now, and we hope to have this issue resolved shortly. Know that we are working on a fix.

In the meantime, you should be able to post to Facebook manually. Copy the web address of the page you want to post and paste it into a URL shortener like bitly: bitly.com/

Enter the web address and then click "Shorten" and "Copy." Then paste the shortened address directly to your Facebook wall. A picture that links back to Etsy will appear. You can remove the address before submitting the post, but the picture will stay in place.

We definitely appreciate your understanding while we work this out!

Hi all-

Thanks for all of your posts. This is a serious issue and our engineering team has been tracking it closely since it first came up.

To recap, what we've seen is that all new urls on Etsy (including new Listings, Shops and Treasuries) are not available for Facebook actions for up to 12 hours. This includes Facebook Like, Comments, Status Update and sharing Etsy Favorites to your Timeline.

When you interact with a url that Facebook hasn't seen before, what _should_ happen is that their 'crawler' should request the new url immediately. This allows Facebook to display things like the Title, Description and thumbnail of Listings when you post.

Up until last Sunday, Facebook's crawl was happening automatically, but for some reason it's not happening anymore. We've been in close contact with Facebook about the problem -- they are definitely aware of the issue and are working to resolve it.

In the meantime we've taken steps to resolve the issue as best we can on our end.

For the time being, all newly generated Listings, Shops and Treasuries are being programmatically sent to Facebook with instructions to crawl the url immediately. We've seen that this solves the issue in most cases for new Listings, Treasuries and Shops.

We're still seeing some issues where Facebook is failing to recognize Likes and Shares on secure urls (those preceded by https -- basically urls that belong to you and that you view when logged in). We're working to see if we can take care of these urls as well. Rest assured that with these urls: 1) if you change the https to http in the url they can be posted as a Facebook status update 2) if you log out and view the url, you should be able to Like it and 3) this issue affects only the owner of the url -- not other users who view it.

Also note that this change was released at 11AM today. All newly generated urls will be taken care of by the fix, but there may be some slightly older urls that have not been crawled. If you think this might be an issue for your urls, you can try running these urls through Facebook's debugger: developers.facebook.com/tools/debug

Thanks for your patience with us on this issue. We're doing our best to resolve the problem on our end and Facebook is doing the same. We'll post any updates we have on this thread.
Hi folks.

We're aware the issue is still affecting a lot of you. It looks like our fix is not as effective as we had hoped it would be.

Facebook is working to resolve the issue on their end. We hope to have things back to normal tomorrow.

Sorry again for any inconvenience.
Hi folks-

Facebook just made a change on their side that seems to have resolved the issue. We're no longer seeing Facebook reject Likes and posts of new urls.

If you continue to experience problems, please let us know.

Thanks for your patience.

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I am having the same problem!!
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Inactive Etsy Member 4:11pm Aug 26, 2012 EDT
Same here! Glad it's not just me lol
Hi folks,

I just tested this myself and was able to post a listing on Facebook without incident. Could you post a listing number of an item you tried that failed and got that error? I'll try to recreate.

Also, are you posting to your profile or your shop page? They aren't terribly different, but it could make a difference. Thanks!
Having the same problem
I just started a discussion about this same issue and was told to check here as you were already addressing it. I had this problem all day. Here is one item that did not work--either on my profile or my Etsy Page or to my group. I even tried another item. Had to manually upload picture from my computer. And me also--my other website link was no problem listing to FB.
Some problem here, and my hubby's having the same thing happen with his shop. We can post to profile but not to shop pages.

Here's the one I just tried:

Hubby's shop: ProsperosBookshelf.etsy.com
This one failed when he tried to post:
I figured it out because this has also happened to me. The listings are going private. It starts with https: I don't know how it happened. If you only copy your url starting with www. then it will post. I noitced when I listed today I had several problems loading up. I'm on Firefox. I don't know about anyone else.

Matt can this be changed.

Thanks for the tip, Cindy! I'm on Chrome and Hubby's on Firefox.

I figured out a work around by posting a comment without the url and then putting the url in a comment, but your way is much easier! :)

All the listings in my store went to https. Maybe everyone else has to that is having this problem. Let me know what we need to do or is this on Etsy side?

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