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multiple glitches

Stats not showing items people favorited in activity feed. Still can't create treasury because choice boxes are greyed out. If I try to look at my favorites to pick choices from there, I leave page and it's gone. Can't save because I I have no selections.

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Can't bring up second page of items viewed. 13 items got hearts, only
6 hearts showed in stats. Others appeared in activity feed. Also don't get letter icon in message box, only email. Google chrome. Ran 3 hr virus program and cleaned everything else. It's not my computer. I would really like to create treasury list and believe statistics. Thank you.
Hi Patricia,

When creating a Treasury it may be easier if you have two tabs open, one for the Treasury you're creating and the other to find/select the items you are adding to it. Copy the image url from the image and paste it in the url box under the gray image space on the Treasury page.

This way you can toggle between tabs and not have to leave the Treasury page. Does that makes sense? I find it works better for me that way.

More tips: www.etsy.com/help/article/82

Hope this helps!


I am missing the button that says, Create a Treasury. Can't save. Nothing works right. Since I've created treasuries before without a problem, it would seem something wrong. It's the same as the Facebook connect that doesn't work either.
When was the last time you cleared your cache?

Here's how to clear it

I've found that if the cache isn't cleared regularly that the treasury feature doesn't work very well at all.

If you are curating a lot of treasuries, You may want to check out the 'saved items stash' where you can simply drag and drop items you would like to feature in a treasury to the 'saved items' space at the bottom of the page and then drag them back into the treasury.


Its easier than cutting and pasting
In addition to clearing the cache, I'm wondering if some settings in your browser might have been changed recently.
I have run virus program, cleared everything, uninstalled google chrome and reinstalled it. I am out of things to do.
Try Firefox or Opera?
Page not updating when info on shop announcement changed!

As part of the SNS Team last night, I had a sale shop announcement. It needs to be changed (removed) today, as the sale is over. The page will not let me update! (yes, I am saving the changes).

Never mind....it is updated now!

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