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something is very wrong!!

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Hey guys,

I'm happy to investigate what's happening here; to know just what you're experiencing though could you link me directly to the pages where you're seeing these deviations from intended behavior?
Hi Lisa,

I went to the FP, did my search under vintage, once I got to vintage, I clicked most recent and then about page 4 or 5 is where the times are mixed and in the wrong order. It's almost as if the count in time is started over but I know that is not the case because the times are mixed up on the same page. Then proceeding to the next page, time may be back or may be forward or a mixed lot of times. I hope that makes sense. I think you will see what I am referring to once you get there.

Below is the link and then I chose most recent to do the search

Many thanks!!!!
Thank you! Unfortunately, I have to get offline soon, but we'll definitely investigate this.
Just pick and category page and try to surf through. The listings are all out of sequence as you scroll through the pages. You can also sit on page one of any category and click "refresh". . .it switched from 15 minutes to 2 hours, to 4 hours etc.
Keep in mind, if this is effecting your views, it would only effect category views. ('categories' under traffic sources in stats).

I just did a most recent view of vintage and they are all in order for me.
No, this effects search too. If items are only showing being uploaded 4 hours ago, anything in those past 4 hours is not going to show up in search either.
no views since last night. NO VIEWS. Anywhere in my shop...

Very unhappy in Texas with 10 days straight of 100+ degree weather,

BTW, just checked my latest listing that was posted like 40 minutes ago...I'm sure because I looked at my phone clock when I published it, and the listing info says "posted 2 hours ago."

So this coincides with the above info about times being off as well!
Lisa, I haven't done any searches as I have been very pressed for time, but I always get between 200-300 views daily, and yesterday I was almost flatlined, with about 50 views for the entire day and today, views still seem really low...

I relist and list new items frequently and those listings always get me little spikes in my views, yesterday and today, no amount of listing/renewing will get me a view.

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