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Message to Buyers Acting all Weird

I updated my message to buyers (under info and appearances) and the little text box was acting all weird, the text box was jumping up and I could not see where I was typing. When I tried to scroll down again, the little box would jump back up again so I could not see where/what I was typing. This happened repeatedly so I cut my update short and came here to post about it.

Southern CA, using Windows 7, AOL newly installed version 9.7.

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Hi Yogi,

I'm sorry that you're encountering this issue; I've run into it a time or two on different websites and I know it's frustrating. In this case, the page may not have loaded completely and yielded some unexpected behavior. Alternately, there may be an issue with the way that your browser is loading Etsy. Before we get started, make sure that you have your new message to buyers copied in a separate program like Notepad or Microsoft Word if you have it. This way, if a page loads in an odd way and you lose what's in the text box, you can copy it right back in.

Now let's try the following:

1. AOL's browser is essentially Internet Explorer with an AOL overshirt. You might be in what's called "compatibility view," which can cause some web pages to display or behave in an unexpected way. Follow this tutorial to learn how to tell if your browser is in compatibility view and how to shut it off:


You'll need to reload the page once you turn off compatibility view. If this resolves the issue, then great!

If not, try this:

2. There may be a more persistent browser-based issue; try using another one of Etsy's supported browsers - you can find a list and links to download them here:


And let us know if the problem occurs in multiple browsers or just AOL. If it's the former, then let's try #3 instead.

3. There may be a temporary issue in the connection between you and Etsy. First try restarting your browser and then returning to the page where you encountered the issue. If it persists, try restarting your computer before returning to that page. If it still happens, try restarting your modem and router. This will force a new connection to Etsy, and that one may not encounter the same issues that you might be experiencing on the current one.

I know this seems like a lot to do, but each step is pretty quick. If none of them are successful, then let us know that too. I hope this is helpful!
Oh.... for a minute there I was thinking that you were trying to send messages to buyers who were acting all weird and stuff....

Whew. I'm so relieved that the problem you're having is not that one....
"Dear weird buyers, quite bein all weird and stuff. You're freakin me out."
(I am DistinctiveModernArt posting through my other shop.)

You guys are too funny!

Thanks, Rob, for the info. I will try. The odd thing, too, which I didn't think that much about at the time, is that when I came to this shop to copy some of the Message to Buyers that I was going to put in my other shop, I highlighted and copied what I needed here, hit save, and the little pink bar up top came up and said something like my edits could not be saved. Since I didn't really edit anything in this shop, just copied, I didn't think too much about it but thought maybe it was because I didn't really change anything.

Now that I am really thinking about it, I have had this jumpy text/box thing happen before--was it in the convo box? I can't quite remember where it was or what shop I was in (I am in CharmAccents more than DistinctiveModernArt) and I just figured at the time that etsy was hiccupping.


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