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disconnected from facebook

I had noticed the other day nothing that I tagged as "like" from Etsy to facebook was not working ( click the like button ) nothing happens ..

This morning I noticed now my shop is no longer connected to facebook..

If I go to your account / settings / Connected Accounts it shows me facebook and twitter, twitter is connected, facebook says "Connect with Facebook" highlighted as a link I can click the link over and over nothing happens ..

For some reason it seems like I came disconnected from facebook and can not connect .. I can not like anything etsy to my facebook ... click the button/link nothing happens..

What Ive tried: tried different browsers, Firefox, IE, Google Chrome all do the same thing.. disconnected Twitter then reconnected Twitter no problem there Twitter is fine .. try to connect facebook the same way I just connected Twitter nothing happens its like a dead link to facebook..

Any ideas ?

Thank You

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Thanks for taking the time to describe your situation in such detail. It sounds like there may be a few issues at play.

Do you mind trying to connect again just to make sure you weren't victim of a temporary issue? I haven't heard similar reports of this type of behavior and I can't currently reproduce what you describe. When I disconnect the link to reconnect is fully functional.

Let me know how it goes! I'm happy to look into this further.
Thank you for the reply,

I figured it out.. no idea why it disconnected me in the first place but for some reason it was a security issue with Etsy pop-ups not allowing me to reconnect.

When I would try to connect nothing was happening no window nothing due to AVG virus scanner blocking pop up from Etsy I noticed it was not opening pictures in listings to full view either.

Changed the setting to allow all pop ups from Etsy.com now all is fine, more than likely a virus software update that had nothing to do with Etsy other than it was defaulting to block all Etsy pop ups.. odd it was allowing me to disconnect and reconnect to Twitter...

Everything is working right now seems to of been on my end not Etsy ..

Thank You

Huh, interesting. I'm glad to hear this worked out!
Now I noticed no "like facebook" button under my header next to Twitter like it used to be,,

All I see under the header ( My shop home page) is Twitter button... no facebook.. tells me I am connected not sure whats going on it was all working fine the other day ..
I have the same issue I am connected to facebook in my account but I have no facebook like button showing anymore in my shop header only my twitter follow button.
You can be connected to Facebook under Your Account > Settings without your page being linked under Your Shop > Info & Appearance. <---- Go there to link to your page to get the button back.
Hi Jenny, thanks for your reply I just checked and I am connected to my facebook in Your Shop > Info & Appearance but still have no facebook button on my shop header used to be there and I was getting a lot of new likes from it but it has now disappeared.
Still having this problem, it fixed it self I reconnected everything and all was fine but now my Facebook button is tollaly gone from any Etsy page I view not just my shop, Treasuries no facebook button, other shops I view no facebook button ..

any idea's ? made sure Etsy is connected with facebook it is ,, tried logging in and out of facebook made no difference..
Hi RokGear,

One thing comes to mind: check to see if you are signed in on Facebook as your shop page. That can mess with like buttons all over. If so, just switch back to your profile and see if that fixes it. Thanks!

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