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Etsy Iphone App glitch

Love the Iphone app, but starting last night and still today, when I touch on "your shop" it closes the app and takes me back to my phone main screen. I have logged in and out, cut my phone off then on. Still persists.

Other functions of the app are fine, but this is important for listings as well as shop stats... help and thanks!

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I'm really sorry about this, Courtney! Would you mind checking to see if any updates are available for the app? If that doesn't do the trick, or if there are no updates available, it may help to uninstall and reinstall the app.

We aren't seeing too many reports of this, so hopefully these suggestions will help!

Uninstalling and reinstalling worked like a charm... thank you so much!!
I was having the same issue last night. Haven't tried it today though.
I also NEVER had any sound alerts work...convos, cha-ching...
So could you please explain how to uninstall the app. Thanks
Under your iPhone > Settings > Notifications > Etsy Alerts, you can set up your settings there for the app.

As for uninstalling the app, simply hold down you finger on the Etsy icon and the apps will start quivering with an "x" and that's how you will uninstall!
This only happened recently, but when I want to renew anything in a shop of mine, this orange bar appears above the small links on the bottom of the screen. When it appears, the app doesn't freeze or anything, but some buttons are missing, such as the renew option.

Should I uninstall and then reinstall? Thank you very much!!
I updated the app two days ago. since then about 50% of the thumbnails appear as black boxes.
Anyone else having this problem?
I updated the app yesterday, and since then it has not worked. It takes me back to my phone main screen like the original posted reported. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app many times and it still is not working.

I love the etsy app. I hope to be able to use it again! Thanks for your help!

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