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Getting to my shop

I had a friend that wanted to visit my shop yesterday to see some new items I had posted. She had never been to etsy.
I wanted her to see the Home Page, etc. so I just directed her to Etsy and then gave her the name of my shop.

She placed the name of my shop numerous times and numerous different way into to the search box...and she would keep getting a message I didn't exist...

What was she doing wrong?? She eventually got to my shop but she couldn't remember what route she took.
You know how it is when you are clicking everything to find something and then it works and you can't remember what you clicked.

But, why couldn't she get to my shop from the "search box"?????

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The best way is to use, but, alternatively, you can give your user name and direct them to Advanced Search where they can put your user name into Search Seller.
OR...they can put your user name into the search box, without going to Advanced Search. (just tried it for your user name and it worked perfectly)
When I am not signed in I can type purplevelvet in the search box and it takes me straight to my shop.
I had no problem finding your shop, JBcreations, when using the "search seller" on the advanced search page (even when I searched for J B creations). In the basic search box, you do have to be more careful of spelling.
i just tried playing with the search feature using my shop name...
"minxy" had no results
"cherub" had a page of items
"minxy (space) cherub" had no results either...

... guess you just have to type it exactly the way it's spelled (no spaces), what frenchie said.
I think you have to search the seller ID, not the shop name. I have similar results when I search on combos of Oreo's Meow and oreosmeow.
I too am having problems with people finding my shop. They type in "gatherings" in the search topic and they get everthing besides my site. This is quite a problem for me, since I really don't have that many items listed. It seems that I am getting a lot of views, but no sales yet.
It seems that unusual names (like oreosmeow, minxycherub, jbcreations and purplevelvet) that aren't "real" words will work if you just plug them into search.

But user IDs that are real words don't seem to work (gatherings, frenchie) -- you'd have to go to Advanced Search, Seller Search.
the way the search works, it searches item titles and descriptions first, then only searches shopnames if it doesn't find any matches in the descriptions... since descriptions aren't likely to have "oreosmeow" in them, your shop will come up... but "gatherings" is likely to be in a lot of item descriptions...

people shouldn't have to search to find your shop though, if you just tell them to go to they'll get there without an extra step of searching...

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