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new feedback features wrong!

I just noticed we have stars 1-5 for our feedback.. The problem is I had 272 before this improvement now only 225! What do I do? It's hard enough getting ppl to write.

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I'm missing some too! It shows a page two, but the page is blank. Thanks for any assistance.
Any feedback you had as BUYERS has been erased and deducted from your total
Yep, I'm missing 30% of my feed back too. Only 35 when I had 59. I think it's flagging those feedbacks that people didn't add any words in as no feedback.

No, I have some showing where there was no comment left, but the review is there with stars.
This is the new feedback system. Your feedback as a buyer no longer counts.
I am not a fan of the new system so far.... does this mean I can no longer leave feedback and appreciation photos for my customers?
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:10pm Aug 27, 2013 EDT
yes that is right, sellers can no longer leave feedback &/or appreciation photos for buyers
ooh, I don't like that at all.
Since all of my items are custom, I enjoyed being able to leave unique appreciation photos and interacting with my customer w/ feedback. :/
And I believe only a years worth is counted in the star system
yes only past 12 months is averaged into your star rating, but your lifetime selling feedback number will still be there.
I'm not a buyer so that's not the issue for me. The total number of feedback (at the top of the page) is correct, but the actual individual feedback that is showing is less. Maybe the balance of feedback just hasn't loaded yet.
I don't know if Etsy admin looks at these forums or not... so I sent the following to them. I am not out to offend anyone... it is simply how I see it.

With this change, you have done NOTHING to improve my business. I
absolutely do NOT like the new version of feedback. I want you to put it
back the way it was. It does not accurately display the total number of
feedback responses that I previously had, and I was always enjoyed watching
for that number to keep growing. Not all people that respond with a
feedback response want to give specific comments. I am one of them.
Sometimes all I wanted to do was click "Positive", "Negative" of
"Neutral". I found these simple responses just as helpful as someone who
had something to say. It helped to keep me motivated to give better
service. In addition to that, I think by you folks sending OUR CUSTOMERS
(they are NOT yours) an email soliciting feedback is nothing more than
SPAM. I wouldn't respond to it & I'm willing to bet that many people will
simply delete this additional nuisance email, just as I will. I think many
of the changes to the system you've made recently are very good & well
thought out. However, this is NOT one of them! So, since I am YOUR
customer, you will get 0 stars from me for this blunder. If I could, I'd
simply click on "Negative".

Pam Ryan
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:57pm Aug 27, 2013 EDT
Well said. I cannot believe after years of begging for simple things to help improve etsy such a drastic change has been implemented that only serves to HURT sellers :(
Well said Pam! OUR CUSTOMERS =)
maybe there is some ulterior motive? I can't imagine what it would be. But if they are standardizing with eBay, then does that mean that they were bought out by eBay or something? I just do not see any good reason for the change, When I look at the examples they gave as to how it would look, they used tee shirts, an item that is most likely "mass produced" of a sort. Have they opened another..
..site for the OOAK art and vintage items?
Lost feedback is intentional there are several reasons, all feedback left as a buyer is gone from your number and feedback that is over a year old as well as feedback left with no comment.
you are wrong Harriet.
I have feedback from when I started out many years ago showing, and also feedback with no comment showing. but have lost over 100 others into oblivion (not buying ones). very confused.

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