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Item never appeared in Recently Listed Items

I just posted a new item and it never came up in the Recently Listed Items. I refreshed several times and never saw it. Now granted I understand you're lucky if your item stays there for 5 minutes, but I'm just curious if anyone else has recently had this problem? The picture does thankfully show in the Categories section.

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Inactive Etsy Member 11:52am Feb 26, 2006 EST
It seems like my stuff never comes up! LOL But I'm on dial up. I've always just assumed by the time I get there, I'm gone.
I thought I had this problem once, but then I realized that the Item number of the stuff being displayed was after mine, so there must have been a bunch listed at once.
You can see it in the "time machine" I'll bet.
Mine has done that too, today...
i kept watching the page i actually had two pages open so i could watch it come up and it never did.
i also got no views so i think that it never appeared.

im kinda bummed out.
Oh this is an interesting bug.

The Recently listed items watches for id numbers and not actual time listed. Those two values are assigned at different times, so somehow the time it takes to go through the listing steps affects the chance of appearing. Not sure which way.

This wasn't noticable until recently. New listing freqeuncy is at record levels.

I'll see if it can be fixed.

Good news is that all listings still appear in the time machine, and the time machine is due for a major update in the near future!
Thanks admin guy!
Interesting...I guess I didn't realize that there was only a "chance" that my item would appear, I assumed it was guaranteed. Oh well like I said it appeared for a while in the Categories section, so at least it got highlighted for a while somewhere. Thanks for providing feedback Jared.
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:28am Feb 27, 2006 EST
Yup, I keep having that problem. Guess it means I should be listing during less high traffic time. :)
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:37am Feb 27, 2006 EST
Would it be too big a drag on the system to add a "last 100 items listed" page to the Sampler? Kinda like the "last 100 items sold" page?
There are already a *lot* of ways that the most recently listed items are displayed -- in addition to the front page ticker,there are the time machine, the shops & sellers page, induvidual shop pages, category pages, and search results.

We think it would be more useful to have future site browsers organize the data in a different way.

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