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Search organic -get organized?

When I search for "organic", listings that have the word organized come up. Also when I search eco-friendly only three items show. I put eco-friendly in almost all of my listings and they were showing up until about a month ago. I tried to leave out the hyphen also and still only three items. Hmmmm....

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You might get more specific results if you search by tag, using either the advanced search ( www.etsy.com/adv_search.php ) or the tag/material search. ( www.etsy.com/materials_tags.php )
Thanks, I just wonder why they were coming up and now they are not- I would like to come up if people search eco-friendly. Also what about the organized/organic mix-up? Is it just so close that the search picks it up?
mysteryschool, a while ago someone was looking for items for men so I typed in "mens" and menstrual pads were the first things to appear! LOL! Obviously going by the first 4 letters...
I put "ecofriendly" in my tags, all one word since you can't use dashes.
I was wondering about this the other day, do your tags actually function during a traditional search, or only when you search using tags?
mainegirl, when I search eco-friendly I don't see any of your things. Do you? It seems like when I search organic it searches the listing descriptions, maybe not tags. I put ecofriendly in my tags and I put eco-friendly in the description. I also searched like that. Shouldn't that be enough to be found under eco-friendly? Also, like I said -I was seeing my items before when I searched. Now when I search the same way I don't see my items.
Lots of recycled and ecofriendly stuff in my shop, do they show up?
Not one Hello Knitty- Only Castlemen(one item) and massagemommy(2 items).

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