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Does the forum search get updated?

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GoTo -- Thanks again for the debugging help. I see two main issues:

1) Threads with very new posts can appear out of order for up to ~20 minutes

You're right that there are still instances when results can appear out of order. When a thread gets a new post, it can take some time (up to ~20 minutes) for search to order it correctly.

If you see instances of out-of-order posts beyond this lag period, please give us a heads up. A screenshot would be especially helpful in that case to help us determine the root cause.

2) Truncated search results

You're correctly noticing that there are some cases where the results have been truncated and only extend back to threads updated since last last week. I'm working on a fix for that bug now.
This is correct WorksofWhimsy. Searching in the main search box works for me, but not in the forums.
I did notice some took a little time to update, but I just figured that was just a little lag time and not a big issue--that's not what I'm seeing from my first link on page 6, "tax", searching title only.

Screen shot of page 3 where the search results start to go out of order--those posts are from Sept 6, 7 & 8:

GoTo -- Thanks for the screenshot, those are always really helpful. It looks like the we hit the transition between relative dates and absolute dates on page three of that thread, which is always a little confusing. I.e. the relative dates are *ascending* and then the absolute dates are *descending*.

But, besides that, those results *look* like they're ordered correctly. When I search now for "tax", it looks like they're all in the right order...

Issue #2 I described above -- search results being truncated -- should be resolved as of ~5pm today.

LOL--it does look right now! I would swear the night before the 6th, 7th & 8th were out of order amongst themselves--so it went 7, 6, 8 or 8, 6, 7....

Thanks for getting it all fixed!

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