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Shop identity exploded to size of small town?

This afternoon I was having a conversation with someone who had never heard of Etsy about something that I have listed in my shop. The person went to Etsy on their iPad, and entered the exact title of my item in the search bar/handmade on the front page by the orange Etsy logo. No results found for the item. So, I had them go to the search dropdown and select 'shops' and then enter my shop name. The results showed more than 24,000 ME2Designs shops on Etsy.

I have cleared my cache, etc. and am logged into Etsy on IE. I just put in ME2Designs keyword under front page search/shops, and results show 24,242 results for shop named ME2Designs, with the local number on the left displaying 15. Since there can only be one shop per unique name on Etsy, what has happened? Has indexing had a meltdown? I haven't been logged in for 22 hours, and did thread search and didn't find anything about shop search issues.

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yea its grabbing anything that has designs, me2, etc instead of just one word, it looks like search is browsing any shop that has a variation of it
Yep, I get the same results...

How strange. I put in my shop name and only my shop came up. When I put yours in I got the same results you did.

Our Tech Team is aware of the issue and is working on a fix.Thank you for making the report!

Have a great weekend!
Thanks, Leslie! I hope the issue is fixed soon, because I'm featured in a print magazine next week, and would not like to get buried in the search results if only my shop name is entered :D
Any update on this issue? This morning search/shops results show that there are 24,211 me2designs shops on Etsy :(

It appears as though this is only happening with shops that have one or more numbers in their shop name.
Hi Meg,

Sorry, no update at this time. Your information was submitted with the report, however. Thanks!
Wow! I am having the same problem, I searched yours and got the same results and searched mine and got over 4000 shops for All4Brides www.etsy.com/search/shops?search_query=all4brides&search_type=shops

Bumping this thread up now that the weekend is over. Admin, would you please ask the Tech Team when this issue be resolved?

Search/Shops now has 24,258 ME2Designs shops in the results: www.etsy.com/search/shops?search_query=ME2Designs&search_type=shops... and it's not that the shops have a '2' or 'me' or 'designs' in their shop names, but the common factor is that every one of the shops in the results has at least one number in their shop name.

It's been 3 years since I've been featured in a print magazine, and I'm being featured again and the magazine hits the stands this week. The article only says that I have a shop - ME2Designs - on Etsy.com. The way the search shops feature is (since sometime between Thursday 2/16 and Friday 2/17) there are over 24,000 results for my shop.

This wonky shop search results issue happened during the same time that over 11 million items were dropped from Category results - don't know if there is a correlation or if this was just a coincidence.

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