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Still 24,435 shops with my name in shop search, and Shop Local results dropped off 587 of my listings... PLEASE fix this issue!!!

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holy cow, I have the same thing:
only 1,090 for me, though

more interesting, if someone forgets my exact name, I do not come up for some shorter variations:
NONE of the shops have "cindylou" in their username

If I type a variation of my shopname without the number 2, I am there:

Meg, do you know if this search actually worked before you reported it? My name search views dropped off a cliff over a year ago, according to my GA, which I have always assumed was coding problem & not an actual fact. Now I am not so sure.

The search did work (including just part of my shop name) until Feb. 16-17th. That was the same time period in which 11 million listings disappeared from category search, as well as shop local results only displaying listings with a list date not older than 17 days prior to date of search.

Earlier that week in Feb. I had someone that had never heard of Etsy go to the front page and shop search and type in me2des and my shop was the only one to appear in results (then the person clicked on my shop to take a look). Earlier in February the editor of a magazine featuring me in their March issue did the same search to get my shop name so that the correct URL could be put into the print edition of the magazine.
thanks for confirming that! I am quite worried that some shops are not searchable if you include a partial name search. For me, it would be rare for anyone to use a number but not my whole name, but other shop names here might have the number closer to the front & might therefore get more partial searches including it.
Cindy - just clarifying that the partial shop name search became ineffective on or about Feb. 16-17 - the same time that all sellers with at least one number in their shop name suddenly had many results when just their exact shop name was entered into search/shops.
This was reported nine weeks ago, and the issue is still there - www.etsy.com/search/shops?search_query=me2designs&search_type=shops... - over 24,000 shops in results when search shops/me2designs is entered.

The other bugs that occurred during that particular day were resolved (over 11 million listings dropping off category search was fixed within 12 hours and the shop local issue that only displayed approximately 16% of the actual items listed and dropped all listings over 16 days old was fixed in three weeks time).

Is there an estimated time in which the Tech Team thinks this issue will be resolved? It affects every Etsy seller with at least one number in their shop name.

I'm sorry, I don't have an estimate. I will try to get an update on this though. There must be a good reason and I'll try to find that out. Thanks!
Matt... thanks so very much for your assistance!
Any update from the Tech Team on this annoying issue that's 75 days old? The number of shops with my shop name just keeps increasing: www.etsy.com/search/shops?search_query=me2designs&search_type=shops... and this bug affects every shop on Etsy with at least one number in their name.

Thank you for inquiring on my behalf!

Hi there,

Unfortunately, I don't have any more updates at this time.

Just want to thank the Tech Team (and Forum Admins for checking on status each time I asked) for resolving this issue! I'm giddy now that there's only 1 of me, not more than 24,000 :D

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