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Etsy Mini Missing

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It seems that there's more to this, since so many of us on this thread have lost our minis all of a sudden, and all on the same day.

And we're all on different venues.

Good afternoon. I'm hoping that there's some word on the missing minis from the various blogs and forums which occurred over the past two days.

Many thanks.

Matt Quirk avatar Admin
Hi metro,

I don't have any information for you, but I'll be sure Eric is aware of your issue. Just to clarify, these sites were using the javascript version, correct? And you managed to rule out ad blocking? Thanks!
Hi Matt:

I believe they were (although I am technology challenged and not sure, lol).

This is the code that is being used for the mini ....

[ etsy=youretsystore, storenumber ] (with the spaces removed).

Thanks for all of your help. :)
Matt, back on page 2 someone said they were using the new code not the Flash and the mini's were missing. So it's not just the Flash?
Just to help you clairify :)
I believe I said we were using the new code at VFG, but we can't use the html java there so we had been using the special code that metro posted above (& that I had posted earlier). I am guessing it's a flash-based code? And that Etsy no longer supports any Flash based codes? As we have stated, this code has been working perfectly until I first posted here.

Hoping to get some answers and/or a fix very soon, I realize it's the weekend now. There are a lot of Etsy sellers at VFG & we are hoping to have some sort of mini avaialable for us to use to help promote not only our shops but the entire Etsy website.
Matt Quirk avatar Admin
Yup. I reread the thread and saw my mistake. I got it now. These issues have been brought to the team and we'll update once we have an answer for you. Thanks!
Adding to the list - our Etsy Mini module broke recently as well (not sure on the date).

It is a Flash version of the module that we were using, pulling from:

Glad to know that people are being made aware of this, and hope it can be fixed this week. I miss my mini.

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