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"Stay Signed In" button not working at login

Having to log in everytime, despite checking the "stay-signed in" button. This started yesterday.

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Engineering team checking in. This issue should be fixed.

Some of you guys are using bookmarks that redirect through our sign in form. Unfortunately the bug would log users out instead of redirecting to the correct page.

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Hi there,

First, check your browser and add-ons to be sure you are accepting cookies. That's the most common cause of this issue. If this is only happening when you access the site the first time, I wonder if you set up your browser to delete cookies after a session? Let us know if those suggestions help. Thanks!
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Inactive Etsy Member 5:24pm Mar 3, 2012 EST
Hi Matt- I am having the same problem, started yesterday too, none of the above applies to me, and I never had this problem before, and have not changed any settings either.
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Inactive Etsy Member 5:27pm Mar 3, 2012 EST
Just to be clear this happens every time I log in, despite the stay loggin in box checked, and i have checked and unchecked it to see if that worked, and no.
Same here!

... and yes! I have tried "turning it off and on again"!
I tried some of your suggestions Matt and it is happening for me as well.
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Inactive Etsy Member 5:50pm Mar 3, 2012 EST
Same here and on two different computers. And I haven't changed anything with cookies, and I do have the "stay signed in" box checked.
Me too. It just started today. I haven't changed any settings and have never had this problem before.
It's possible that your browser was updated and the settings some how got changed. Make sure to check that you've enabled cookies for Etsy. But let's keep an eye on this to see if it continues. Keep us posted.

I've been having the same problem, also starting yesterday. All of my Etsy cookies seem to be set to expire within just a few hours. I haven't made any setting changes and have had no browser updates.

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