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it seems that sellers do not understand insurance is to protect THEM

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and I wouldn't be surprised for that dna sample here in the US and we have had so much less to deal with on kind (native) soil.
Keep sharing the EU.... we in the US as small artists get a bit behind in international..... so please, please, please post and let us know.....
(London and Brighton are always my get a way cities every year 100% design.... new to some? go! :)
artists rock!!!!! :)
they'll learn... sooner or later... will probably find out the hard way through a forced paypal refund and a neg.
then again, stuff doesn't get lost all that often. so they might be safe
All our packages are insured :)
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:49pm Mar 25, 2012 EDT
i think my shipping has become so unorganized and scary.
i need to change my post office routine :/
I agree that a policy that states something like "once I hand it over to USPS or FedEx etc. I am no longer responsible," is really not buyer friendly. I purchase insurance for items over $50, but making a claim is reallllly a pain.

HA! Claire, I wouldn't be surprised! But hey, that would be undeniable proof we sent it and the customer received it!
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Inactive Etsy Member 12:16am Mar 26, 2012 EDT
We wouldn't expect anything less!
There is an app here on Etsy called Shipsaver.
No I don't work for them.
At first I was very hesitant to sign up.
It cost$1 for $100 worth of coverage and they cover the cost of the shipping, which the USPS does not. It is slightly more for international packages and they do insure First Class International.
I am assuming it is available for all Etsy shops, but may be wrong.
I had a claim. Filed it on a Wednesday, got paid on a Friday, shipped the customer a new item, and the insurance paid for the shipping too.

I look at it this was, and you can disagree, because what I do many not fit for your business.
If I drive to the store to buy something, I have to pay the gas, car insurance, etc to get there.
If I want to exchange it, same thing, my cost.
If i have a wreck, it get rained on on the way to the car- like cat litter- or something happens to the items on the way home, my fault, I eat the cost as the customer.

S I think insurance is for the buyer and the seller. It protects us both, at a very minimal cost.

It sure saves both grief because of an accident that is no fault of either.

If you have an off Etsy site, the same company has a web site called Insurepost.

gifteddesigns from GiftedDesigns says

I'll buy from people with policies like Emily's because I know Paypal will protect me despite what's written if I am in the right in a purchase. I have to REALLY like the item and not be able to find anything comparable though.


Your money will be protected by paypal. But your etsy feedback isn't. And I'm pretty sure feedback will suffer if somebody goes through paypal to get their money back after something disappears in the mail.

It's a big deal for me at least ... it's hard enough getting a new shop started. I don't need the negative feedback to boot!

WhilstDigitalStash from WhilstDigitalStash says Edited on Mar 25, 2012
this is a really great thread.... and an eyeopener..... I agree... as a buyer I just want my stuff... I don't care what happened.... whose dog ate it.... if the post office went out of business.... I don't CARE! Your item was cute, I ordered it..... you deal with getting it here.... I paid what you asked for including the shipping..... please don't ask me to bicker or negotiate..... I just want my item. :)


I'm a seller and I agree with you completely!

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