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Help me get my shop going, please!

Hi everyone! I'm not new to etsy, but I have a new shop I'm trying to get off the ground...and my old shop isn't really doing all that well either. I have a blog that I try to update weekly or more often, as well as a Facebook page that I post on at least a few times a week (just over 100 fans there.) I don't do twitter...tried it once and didn't like it, although maybe I just didn't get it? I don't currently have the extra money to spend on advertising, so I guess I need more ideas for free ad solutions? What else can I do? I also don't really want to spend money relishing at random because ive seen so much mixed feedback on whether that really boosts sales or not. I just applied to join the busy moms of etsy team, so hoping to do more networking there.
I really want to be successful, but I'm also a mom to a young toddler and babysit another toddler, so my time and energy are very limited. I need to find some ways to maximize the time I do have online to get the word out about my shop, but I am just not sure what else to do. Any advice/ideas are much appreciated!

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You could try bloggymoms.com..it's a community group for women and they are very supportive and helpful.
I love the items you sell, too darling..makes me wish I had a little one.
First off, your pictures are very well done. Good job! Personally, I wouldn't reccomend spending money on advertising just yet. Although, that's just my opinion. Some of the websites I use to promote my stuff are Tumblr, which is a blog, Deviantart, which is an artists' website, and facebook. Looking around and finding websites to promote your stuff can be a good idea. I'm new as well, but one thing I always hear is to never stop making things. The more you add, the more people will find you; with a bigger selection, you'll have a higher chance of selling items. Many people say, when they reached 100 items, sales began coming in regularly. Everywhere I go, everyone says; don't stop making things. Keep joining teams! If you manipulate them the right way, they can be very helpful to your shop, and you'll be helping others, as well.

As far as time goes, a lot of it will just be making time and making yourself do it! Manipulate your scedule to a manner that gives you more time to work. For me, during the week, I only get about two hours each day to work on my stuff, which is actually really good. Sometimes, you have more time than you know. Good luck!
Invest your time in making more inventory. The more items you have the greater the change you will be found.

Also there are many people out there who like to see items on a life model. They can see better then how it fits, some have just problems imagine it. And people love cute baby and toddler pictures.
Hi Kiel,

I'm no expert, but this is my take with just a quick glance. I have a 19 mo old at home so I can relate:)

I'd redo your titles. Keep the organic part but get to what it is. Mix it up some. Some of your farther away pics are hard to see what the item is. Make sure your tags are relevant. Keep adding new and different styles to your shop.

I haven't found either Twitter or FB to be a big help for me and they take away valuable work time. I do renew and I've done lots of experimenting it does work for me. As a matter of fact when I get really busy I stop renewing to slow sales a bit.

I'd say your items are seasonal, but newborns need hats. (At least in WI) So maybe try targeting your marketing there.

Good Luck! Keep going your stuff is cute, I'd buy it:)
Yeah, I'm always making something...just takes time and it's hard to find that some days with toddlers always running around! I have heard of tumblr, but I don't know much about it...going to check it out now! Thanks! Keep the ideas coming!
Monique, I'd love to have live models, but that would require borrowing people's babies and investing in photo props,etc... I'm hoping to find some local photographers who would trade photos for hats, etc. but that also means making duplicates of items, which I am notoriously bad at....I have craters ADD! :p
Kristi, I guess I could crop some of my photos a bit more. Not sure how I should change my titles, though. I have been trying to read up on SEO stuff and am trying to grasp how to best title and tag my items, but I'm just not getting it.
Just stay active in the teams community and let your friends know about it. :) And just keep posting new stuff on your shop!
I am new here but I believe that everything will set up for you with the time , you have great things and great pictures :) just don`t give up :)

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