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How to ship jewelry from the US to the UK?

I posted about this earlier, but I let my excitement about an international sale take over my title instead of labeling it about shipping :)

I need to ship jewelry to the UK. I know there are restrictions, but I can't find anywhere that states them plainly. I'd like to use USPS first class international, and will probably wind up going to the post office anyway just to make sure it's done right, but does anyone know if this is an acceptable shipping method?

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No suggestions? :(
Congratulations! You need to get a customs form from the post office and fill it out truthfully. Take it to the post office with your package and check out. :)
Thanks! I'm a learn-by-doing kind of gal, so that's probably the best thing to do.

I'm hoping my bubble wrappers will be safe to ship in - I use the cardboard jewelry boxes inside the bubble wrappers so my items are quite safe, and I've been told bubble wrappers are fine for FCI.
I ship jewelry from my other shop to the UK all the time. I use first class international shipping through the usps. You will need to put 'fashion accessory' on the customs form with the correct value. Otherwise your postal clerk will tell you you're not allowed to ship jewelry as it is on the restricted list for the UK. Best and congrats on your international sale!
Hmm, I thought jewelry was only restricted because you could only send it via certain shipping methods? Or is it entirely banned from being shipped to the UK? I don't really want to risk anything by being untruthful on the customs forms, but the rules seem to be really unclear.
I ship to the UK all the time. It's no different than shipping domestically other than you have to take it to the PO as paypal doesn't offer first class international at this time. I also use bubble mailers and have never had a problem. I also wrap my items in tissue paper and put in a pillow box. Other than filling out customs form and going to the PO it's not a big deal. Oh and be accurate on the customs form as far as checking off that it's merchandise, put the accurate value, and describe contents. As others have said, put fashion accessory. It's the more expensive fine jewelry that most countries restrict. If you put fashion accessory or costume jewelry you should be fine. I always put charm because that's what I sell.
When they say Jewelry, they mean precious metals, stones etc. And if you are sending those types of items you have to send them registered mail or something. I can't remember all the exact details.

The USPS has a list of every country's restrictions. I don't think it's working at the moment but it's good reference.


ETA: Okay only part of it is not working. Sadly, the listing for Great Britain is one of the parts that isn't working.

But for example, you can't send Bees to Jamaica!
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Renee that is strange because I sent a necklace to the UK and just wrote "necklace" on the custom form and had no issue.
I've been going back and forth with what to charge for shipping and where I should ship to. I really can't figure out what the majority of people who sell jewelry here do about shipping to countries that don't allow jewelry. I just read the Great Britain "prohibitions" list and it says...."Jewelry, precious metals, precious or semi-precious stones". Also, Australia says all jewelry needs to be shipped priority mail with insurance and I always see shipping prices of $5 to $7....that doesn't cover that kind of shipping.

I see sellers that sell precious metal jewelry that ship everywhere even where it's restricted.

So, do sellers just take the chance that everything will go OK and just take the risk?

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