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I'm busy. My sales are up 18% over March 2011in this shop. I just opened my third shop. Views are basically steady (a couple of dodgy days a couple of weeks back, but back to normal). Lots of convos, and custom orders are in the pipeline!

Does anyone else have some GOOD news to share about their shop? Maybe we could have one little bitty thread about how things are going well?

I think the doom and gloom around here is feeding on itself! Let's spread some cheer and hope - or a great tip or two!

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If their are too many doom and gloom threads I find it rubs off on me and have a hard time staying positive. :(

My shop is fairly slow right now but I've done almost 10 times better than last March so I'm happy! I'm actually enjoying a bit of a breather.

Thanks for a positive thread!
Waves to Pattie.

So impressed with you with 3 shops now.

My good news? Just crossed over last sales goal and have set a new one. I too am up over last March and have been working hard to make that happen everyday. Things get rocky every now and then sale wise. But, no gloom here.
I had some great sales this month!
also...I have been very productive. I have added some pretty items.
Spring is in the air and it reflects in my color choices.
The views in my shop have been steadily growing.
I dig it!
I have been in like 20+ treasuries a day which is cool!
I like the direction my shop is going.

Congratulations on your success Pattie! You go girl!
I had several sales over the weekend which was very exciting as I was losing hope of having any sales at all on Saturdays and Sundays, which were so slow for me.
Yay, PB and ewe! Glad to hear! those are some terrific numbers! And how fantastic is it to pass any kind of goal?
Yes, I'm busy. I've had more sales (in my shop) over the last seven days than I had the whole month of January and more in the last 2 weeks than I've had in Jan. and Feb. combined!
Off Etsy has been nuts, too. I had a fantastic craft show on St. Patty's day. I did well on sales there and took 5 custom orders (or maybe 6, I can't remember).
I can't make things fast enough right now. Today, I listed one item, I sold two. I am loving this, I just need to move some things around so I can ride the momentum as long as possible.
Thanks for starting this thread. And congratulations on your sales growth!
Between here and eBay I got around 14 dog cots to do. Plus a boat upholstery job and 6 special cushions for a customers. The month is ending better than I thought.
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:11pm Mar 28, 2012 EDT
I am over last march too,

but then again that wasn't a hard goal to beat :)

views are way up.

I've got well over 400 people on my facebook page now :)
Madame....I hardly ever make a sale on the weekends. Now I just think of that as the norm. As long as I meet my sales goals each month, I don't care if all the sales come on the last day, kwim? Just as long as I reach my goal.....

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