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Last minute suprise

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Inactive Etsy Member 12:32am Mar 30, 2012 EDT
I normally keep an eye on my stats to see if I've had any order's (and check my email once in a while because etsy can have a lag sometimes).

Tonight I checked my stats around 12:55 pm with no new sales. I then checked it again shortly after midnight with all 0's.
Just for the heck of it i decided to look at the previous days stats to see if i had any more views in those last 5 min, and to my surprise I had another sale.

Have any of you had surprise "minutes before midnight" sales that you didn't notice until later? It kinda made my night, like finding an extra present tucked way back behind the tree.

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All my sales have come in the middle of the day. I think it would be kind of fun to get one while I was asleep then have it waiting for me when I woke up...One day maybe
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Inactive Etsy Member 12:38am Mar 30, 2012 EDT
I seem to get a lot of my sales in the middle of the night, maybe most of my target audience are night owls like me lol
Not like that. But, I was editing an item the other day and I hit finish. I looked at my for sale item figure and it was one less. I fugured the edited item didn't take for some odd reason.

It never dawned on me to check my sold items for about 10 minutes. Someone bought something else while I was editing the other item.

I had a pretty big custom order come in the other morning as I was just about to shut the computer off & run out the door to work, and running late as usual. There I was with one shoe on, one earring in trying to furiously type out a convo to the buyer - no way was I going to not respond for another 6 hours! Yeah I've got sales at some pretty weird moments. But I danced all the way to work that morning!
I'm surprised every time it happens :) aaaand the last minute surprise last night was extra sweet! I looooooooooooove cute sweet people! :)
I love surprises! almost every morning this week I have woke up to a sale and that almost never happens, sweet!!
I love surprises like that. Just the other day I was getting ready to leave on a 2 day business trip, checked my stats and had a sale! I had just enough time to package it up and out to the mail box before I left for the airport. It really made my day!
My sales always end up happening while I'm sleeping. No matter what!! I will go to bed at like 5am one night, and even wake up at 7am, and check stuff, go back to sleep, and still I don't get a sale til I actually wake up.

Then sometimes, I will go to sleep at midnight, and wake up at 5am, check stuff, and SALE. It's a weird thing.
Oh, my favorite is when my phone chimes early in the morning and scares the bejesus out of me. but then I see it's a sale, and it's okay. : )

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