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Do friends and family expect discounts from you?

I do not mind giving out discounts to friends and family but I do mind when they expect a discount. What is your thought?

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I always feel like I *should* give discounts because they *are* family/friends. I feel guilty taking money from them so I end up doing it for free. But I will make them wait until I don't have any paid orders to fill.
My friends and family are the opposite. They protest when I insist on giving them a discount. With the occasional exception who never asked for a discount by readily and happily accepts it. :)
I usually just give them something if they want it. But most of my cost is in my labor where as your cost is in buying the product, moving it, cleaning it, and storing it.
If they are expecting a discount, show them a few items that you can afford to discount, and kindly explain you have too much of your time (it took me half a day to find that, an hour to clean) and money invested in other items they want.
How about when they expect to pay nothing just because they are family??
My family-at least my mom- does. In fact, she was asking for someone else recently about my prices and I said "that would be $26". Keep in mind, I should have been charging tax on top of that and chose not to. She continues to hound me to "just make it an even $25." She was asking for someone I don't even like! lol. So yes, some of my family does expect discounts, most of my friends don't.
I give my mother-in-law a discount, and I'd give my step daughter just about anything she wanted for free if she were to ask. My friends are mostly other crafters so some of them get a discount or we sometimes barter stuff.
All my family insist on paying full price, even when I try to give them a discount (I will slip a little something extra in though).

Most friends my own age (21) expect a large discount or even free items. None of them are crafty and they don't understand all the hard work that goes into making something, they don't really accept that this is my full time job either, so don;t realise spending time making them something for free has a large impact.
My mother and sister are the only ones that constantly buy from me. So I gave them an overall discount. Though my sister keeps hounding for more even when given a discount, may just have to deactivate hers :) And for the most part when my friends ask for something it's as a birthday gift.
As far as family, they ask, they probably get it given to them.

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