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How do you pick the price to ship items?

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Inactive Etsy Member 1:16am Apr 1, 2012 EDT
I'm very new I'm getting my shop and everything together in the process. I wanted get everything together before I start putting items in my shop. I have been noticing people have Shipping Prices like for example U.S. for free or it will cost them a 1.??. If they buy one more item it will be 2.???. How do you figure that up or how do you know that will be the cost for shipping and handling? Would that be the same as using the Post Office mailing out your stuff to them in your own boxes?? Any suggestions will be helpful to me.....Thank you again :)

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I'm not exactly sure what' you're asking...some people just make a good guess what it will cost, but some people weigh their packaged items and look up the cost on the usps website. Some people charge more than actual shipping to cover packaging supplies and some don't.
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:29am Apr 1, 2012 EDT
For me it includes weight and shipping materials such as envelopes. mine also includes a tracking number
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:31am Apr 1, 2012 EDT
All my items end up costing the same. It's always $3.00. Out of US $4.00. So I guess I got lucky on that one. :)
Hi, welcome! First, take it step by step.

1. What kind of items will you be selling? Are they all similiar (like for me, most of mine are dog collars; similar in weight).

2. If they are similar items, weigh them using any scale like a food scale or postal scale if you have it. Then go to USPS.COM and there is a postage calculator on there that will tell you what it would cost. Since you don't know what zip codes you'll be shipping to, just pick the one furthest from you. For example, I live in CT so I chose a zip in CA and calculated the average price for a dog collar going to CA. That's the rate I went by when doing my shipping profile for my collars. (If I end up overhcarging the customer by more than $1 I could refund).

3. Be sure to include things like packing, etc. to your shipping. For me, it costs postage, cello bags to put the items in, ribbon, business cards, hang tags, padded envelopes, etc. This stuff adds up quickly so consider all that.

4. For adding a second item to a shipment, I give a discount. So, for my first item, I charge $3 shipping/handling (that covers postage, supplies, etc) and if buyer purchases another item in same transaction, I add only another $1.00 to the total shipping, not another $3.00. So that second box /price is for that. If I can fit it all in the same package, buyer gets that better price.

5. You can choose to do free shipping within US but charge a certain amount for international. You just put $0.00 in the box for US and put in the price you want for "all other".

6. It's hard to narrow down what it will cost to ship to other countries so I just kind of estimated. I haven't sold outside of US so I have no idea if I'm too low or too high but I will find out if that happens.

My best advise is to get a scale that will accommodate the weight of the items you will sell. I myself using a Weight Watchers scale since my postal scale died (when I dropped it) and it works just fine. But for heavier items I would need to get a postal scale that goes higher.

I also use PayPal to ship all my items and it's a breeze. It includes free delivery confirmation, too. I wont' ship without delivery confirmation. If you ship expensive or fragile items, include insurance!

Hope this helps!
Just figure out what your items weigh and mark the shipping appropriately.

I give discounts for the "shipped with another item" price, because it is much cheaper to ship two things in one than in two separate packages. Also, I want to encourage people to buy more than one thing.
It depends on what you are shipping, my items are very light weight so I can ship them in bubble mailer envelopes USPS First Class which is why my shipping is so low. I have a digital scale I use to weigh the packages and PayPal figures the shipping.
I would weigh each of your items and use the USPS site for shipping rates. What are you planning on selling?
I don't guess on any shipping rates. I know the packaged weight of all my items and look up the costs to ship at www.usps.com . For domestic shipping I select the price to ship to NY as that's the farthest from me.

When I'm shipping international, I'll look at the prices for Germany and Australia to get a good idea for the cost and base my prices on those figures.

I set up a separate rate for Canada as their rates are slightly higher than within the USA but not nearly as high as anywhere else.
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Inactive Etsy Member 6:44pm Apr 1, 2012 EDT
Thank you for everybody's input :) That really helps out understand better what to do now thank you again :)

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