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I just started this facebook account but I am not sure if I am doing this right. Can anyone help. I would like to see other retail shops facebook accounts just to get an idea of what it is suppose to look like. Please Help!!

Here is my facebook address, I think:



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Here is mine if you'd like to see it

Let me know what your questions are and we can all try to help
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Inactive Etsy Member 12:11pm Apr 4, 2012 EDT
Here's one we just finished for a client (logo, FB cover, etc.) she's already pretty active so it should give you an idea or two...

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Inactive Etsy Member 12:18pm Apr 4, 2012 EDT
The look is important, yes. But also keep in mind FB is a business tool too. The more important factor *In my opinion* is how you use it. A good rule of thumb is to set yourself a social media routine. Every day or every other day.

Think of it like work, you want to make sure you "punch the clock" on a regular basis, to really be able to capitalize on social media marketing.

Just my 2¢ - I run a Web Design and SEO Shop here on etsy. Hope it helps.
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Inactive Etsy Member 12:26pm Apr 4, 2012 EDT
ditto - good advice Ryan ;)
well, here is mine, need to do a bit of work on it, now that FB change the formatting.
Thanks so much for all your help! You guys are great

www.facebook.com/BuildingSteam Mine's nothing fancy. I try to post things I think my fans will find interesting so it isn't just me flooding them with listings all day
Froggie...I absolutely love your banner.

Does anyone also know what size the banner should be??
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:01pm Apr 4, 2012 EDT
750x100 Pixels :)

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