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removing crayon stains from lego silicone molds

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Have you tried baking soda?
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Inactive Etsy Member 2:48pm Apr 7, 2012 EDT
Could you just warm it up and wipe it out with a paper towel?
I tried the warm water and the paper towel; I tried really hot water; oil; even alcohol and nothing worked. The magic eraser is to big for the small corners of the mold like feet or hands. But I haven't try vinegar. Definitely I'm going to give it a shot
hey I am wondering if you figured out how to get crayon wax off your legos? I have a whole tub of legos that had crayon in them. then got into the hot car and melted all over all the legos! so I am not talking 1 or 2 pieces... should I try boiling the wax off? would it mess up whatever pot I use?
Crayola recommends WD-40 for removing crayons from most surfaces. :)
You can also cut a magic eraser and they last 4 times as long and you can get them the size you need.
I use magic erasers for everything. Back when MacBooks had the white cases, your hands/wrists left ickiness behind and I think Popular Mechanics published how those were the solution and why it works. It's super awesome nanotechnology haha. Its particles are so much smaller than a sponge's and it can get into those itty bitty crevices.

Okay, tangent complete.
is it the wax that is stuck? how about putting it in the freezer to harden it up and then work it outta there
I also had this issue with using crayons in my silicone molds. I used Goo Gone and it worked great. Just spray it on, then work it in with your fingers, finally rinse with hot water.
I just had this issue last night! Did anything work for you yet? Are they still safe to make ice cubes with once that is on it? I was just going to make ice, throw it out and see if popping the new cubes out took some of the residue off too. But I need the tray to keep making more lego man ice cubs for my sons party so I'm concerned!

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