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That really terrible moment when you...

Realise you completely and totally forgot where you put an important packaging supply -___-.

Does this happen to anyone else?

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Yes! Today! I just placed a rush order for more. Your tummy drops, your head hurts...you practically start shaking with anxiety... Actually I lost my black crimps.
i am ALWAYS losing my rulers. I need to make one into a necklace.
LOL. I'm glad I'm not alone! I'm always looking for my tape measure and it's ALWAYS right in front of me but I happen to look everywhere else but there :o).

I never misplace them ..but someone is always stealing my damn scissors!
No, you are not alone!! Last night I got an order and realized I did not have the piece anymore!!! My items are all one of a kind but these were two very similar items and apparently when I sold the first one I shipped out the wrong one! Lucky for me I have a very kind and understanding customer who is happy with the replacement I will be making.
Yes, the dizzy nausea, the feeling of dread dropping all the way down to your toes - I know it well! LOL
I lost my packing tape once...i had to back track awhile before i found it.
I lost my marbles a while ago
I just recently berated myself for running out of bubblewrap envelopes. I thought I had purchased some but nope, not one could be found and I sent my DH to Walmart to buy some. The next day I was looking for something else and found the 2 big packages of the envelopes I had been looking for. Who put them THERE? lol.....
Where did you find them, Lego? Mine might be hiding in that same location still!

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