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To stage or not?

I posted in the forums earlier today and received some good advice on my shop. Several people mentioned I should "stage" my items better...
meaning hang my bunting up with a set-up to look like a birthday, etc.
Basically, show non-creative people how to actually use my product and what it actually is.
Does everyone do this?
I guess it seems if someone is searching for bunting and sees it hanging up in my picture they would know what the product was? Or maybe not?
Same thinking with the fabric pins. Do I need to pin one on to show what it is?

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I was looking at your shop when you posted your thread this morning, and I couldn't figure out what you were selling by looking at your photos.

I think that advice to stage things is perfect advice for your shop.

Your photos should be able to tell what the item is, rather than relying on the buyer to read the title and description.
Your avatar is the perfect example. Some of the pictures in your listings are zoomed up too close.
I show many of my items "staged" as they would be used. In a frame on the wall, or on a stand on a counter. Not only does it give the buyer an idea of how to use it, it's a great way to show the size. I would suggest staging as many of your items as it is practical to do. Especially on items that are not one of a kind, as you will be able to use the photos over and over.
Yes. In this one, for example, the first photo would be better used to show the entire wreath since otherwise it's difficult to tell what it is:


Looking at the pictures of your pin accessories would make me think they're the size of the wreaths and would be something to hang on the wall, so some kind of context would help. You have the size listed on some of them but not on others, so maybe you're in the process of adding that.
Staging is not required for selling, but it definitely helps. I have a good imagination, and I'm creative, so if I see something I like I can usually think of what I want to do with it. However, when I see something I like and it's photographed in a way that is beautiful, in a scene, then I get excited. I think if I buy it that's how it will look when I use it.

Think about victoria's Secret models. I buy tons of clothes from Victoria Secret because I think that's how it's going to look when on me when I get it. It never does, but I still get excited.

Also, if you can stage more than one of your items in a picture you can increase your chances of your customers buying more pieces per transaction.

I'm working on this myself.

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Inactive Etsy Member 6:07pm Apr 5, 2012 EDT
I do this with my items, like my cupcake toppers are pictured in a cupcake, for example (not the ones I sell, a demo version).

And any party supplies should be shown how they are used, I think, in order to help your listings.

Plus, it's fun to stage the photos, I like it anyway.
I don't stage my banners. I try to shoot them for an angle where you can tell what it is, but at the same time, get a close up. it's difficult with banners if they are kind of long. by the time you get the entire banner in the picture it's too small to tell what it is from the distance. convo me if you want. I might be able to help, considering we have similar items.
i have looked at your shop several times when you have posted and i agree that they are cropped too tightly. it is really hard to get an overall feel for how your items look with the way they are cropped.

i am not sure they need staging. that would be up to you. but they do need a a bit of blank space around them.
I love the second picture on this listing. just switch them around.

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