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starting out

Hey guys! I am relatively new to etsy. It has been about two months and I feel discouraged today. I haven't had one sale yet on etsy and I figured it was because I am starting out and I know everyone says the first sale can take so long! But should it really take this long? I am wondering what it is. I know it could be my pictures? Is it the prices? Or the items itself. I have a twitter and facebook and those aren't getting me too far either. I paid for weekly search ads here and I do get a fair amount of views, and often have items favorited... but not sold.

I just feel a bit bummed out. I have put a lot into my items in every way possible and have stayed positive thus far! Just looking for some feedback I suppose.

I really love etsy. And never knew how creative people can be until now. I think it's awesome and just really want to make this happen.

Anyways thanks for your time guys[=

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It does take time, it was around 2 months before I had the first sale so just keep working at it, don't give up and good luck with your shop!
Well thank you I appreciate it. I really hope you are right.[=
I'm a little confused by this listing. Which one in the pics are you selling? Also, how long is the necklace? How big is the pendant? What are the materials used? Also, the more items in your shop the better chance you have of being seen.
Alright very good point !! Thank you Laurie. ;]
If that necklace comes in the five different pendants, it would help you to list them all separately and that would in turn add more items to your shop. : )
Good point I appreciate it! I removed it for now and may relist with more info. P.s. I really like your collars!!

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