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Do you ever get self-conscious?

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Inactive Etsy Member 12:07am Apr 6, 2012 EDT
So, I just sold the first piece of jewelry I have ever put up for sale (on another site).

When I was packaging it for the customer, I got this intense wave of anxiety. "What ifs" started ransacking my mind until I finally had to turn on Adult Swim and put on a pair of wool socks and just chill for a minute.

I'm an intense perfectionist, and I always feel like what I'm sending out is in some way very flawed, and that my customer is going to hate it and demand their money back, in which case, I would apologize profusely and refund every cent of the sale back.

I'm worried that it's only going to intensify as this goes on, and wondered if this amount of anxiety is healthy and keeps you motivated to continue producing better work, or if it's a deal-breaker.

It it normal when you start selling things that you make? I'm VERY new at selling anything that I've made with my hands. Do you get over it eventually and acquire a more confident attitude? Am I just crazy?

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Congratulations on your first sale! It is the ultimate compliment when someone makes a purchase of something you made. Just take some deep breathes and smile. You made it, you deserve to sell it, and you did.
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Inactive Etsy Member 12:13am Apr 6, 2012 EDT
Congrats on your first sale. It is always exciting to get a sale..
Chelsea, you just described my feeling exactly. I had to send two things in one week, one to the US and one to UK. I was in a panic thinking all kinds of bad things. I am still a bit in a tizzy because neither buyer has actually gotten back to me for feedback or even to say they received it. I will worry for 6 months! lol
Congratulations on your first sale, Chelsea!

I think it's normal to feel a bit nervous, self-conscious, etc. You always hope the Customer will love the item. I've been selling for 7 years. And I'd be lying if I told you I never get nervous. You're always excited about a sale; the nervousness gets better in time and you gain more confidence.
Then comes the nervous excitement :)

I wish you many more sales to come!
I was like that at first, absolutely terrified when I got my first sale. Then it got lost in the mail and it was like all my worst nightmares were coming true. It all turned out ok though and now I'm almost at 500 sales. :) I does get easier with time I have found.
As people tell you how much they like your work you will begin to feel like less of a fraud. I think that is the case in any business or professional venture...we all feel like imposters until the world gives us some positive feedback.

Congratulations on your first sale! That someone in this big world found YOUR item, wanted it, and paid for it is a huge ego boost. It just gets better and better, don't worry. You are now officially an online artistic entrepreneur!!
Congratulations on your first sale!

I've had a few shops in the past, though right now this is the only one on Etsy that I have at the moment. Honestly I have been self conscious with each and every item that I've ever sold & shipped. It's never managed to really subside over the years with any item that I've sold through an online venue.
I am so like you! I think that once you make some sales, the feeling starts to fade a little bit. But I still get nervous when I send things out! I'm just hoping and hoping that my customer will be happy!
Customers are usually not nearly as picky as we are :) We are our largest critics. Over time, it gets easier & confidence follows.

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