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Are you waiting it out?

So when things are really slow around here do you have a sale so you at least sell SOMETHING rather than nothing! Or lower your prices because something is better than nothing OR do you just wait it out for the next wave to come?

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Inactive Etsy Member 7:35am Apr 10, 2012 EDT
I've tried lowering prices before, but doing $150 worth of commissions for $35 taught me that that was a mistake, so now I just wait it out.
I work on something else and wait. Why should I try to earn less than what my items are worth?
I work on more designs and I also sell elsewhere. Lowering prices is not a sensible business plan for me.
If it's slow (like it is now), I make new items, retake photos, research and develop my techniques, catch up on other (non Etsy related) things I've been meaning to do.
I did create a sale section of about fifty items at approx 50 percent off...to make room for my recent creations....it is not going well.

I was hoping to be flooded with customers wanting to buy jewels that are 40 to 60 percent off! :)
I've gotten better at dealing with "slow" times by using the nervous energy to improve my listings (working on SEO or photos) versus price changing. It's tempting to think about price adjusting but I've better served my business with improving (which is never ending) listings and adding more items to my shop.
I use that time to list new items/work on my shop.

Love this, btw!
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Inactive Etsy Member 7:42am Apr 10, 2012 EDT
I was doing that, yes. I don't think I could go any lower now and still be comfortable. Now I just cross my fingers and work on something else.
I have slow times... honestly, I have no time to be going in and messing/changing prices on stuff. So I just wait it out. Eventually I'll probably have a massive inventory reduction sale or something. Eventually.

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