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Back Off Jack!

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Maryanne, I must have missed the 1st thread. Consider me bucked up :)

Now that I see that a majority of us are experiencing the exact same situation I feel extreme relief. I'll continue doing what I'm doing and if I have another person in my life that says a word about it I'll simply remind myself to ignore them and push on!
Support is great - look for it on the right places. You should not expect everyone to be on board with your dreams and goals. And you shouldn't let them irritate you when they disagree. Mad doesn't help anything.

And like I said. Wait and see what some of your competitors say. It is just best to learn to let comments roll off of you.
Stay positive!!! The few people i have in my life are very supportive. IM actually the one who thinks IM wasting my time most of the time! they always tell me to keep going. just tell yourself to keep going and the fact that your still sending out resumes to find a job is great. its not like your just sitting around. i have a part time job at Toys R Us so im trying my best to get a little extra money from my bows. Good Luck!
I get comments at times from my family but I figure it this way. They are not paying my bills, they do not work as hard as I do, and they are just jealous that I can work in my pj's. Today I worked on a ring order and did my tax paper work in my cup cake pJ's. First thing out of my mom mouth was whats wrong with you today? I just kept on truckin and went right back to working.

You will get those comments all the time, I just don't thing some people think before they open that whole in their head.
You shop is super cute and your photos are great. Keep at it you will find your customers and it will take off. Keep making them so you have good stock. Be sure to pop into one of those job sites and place an ad for your shop if you can.
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Keep your head up! There are always going to be those who put you down because they can't do it themselves.

I once heard a saying that has stuck with me...

"When the voice on the inside become louder than the voices on the outside, you have mastered your life!"

I always try to focus on that when I feel discouraged and it gives me a direction.

You can do it!!
I am in a similar situation and many of my family members take my business as a joke. I shrug it off and keep pressing forward. Good luck:)
Hey, ~I~ was gonna post that! :-)
Someone made the suggestion that you offer the tiles as a sink backsplash and that's just what i was going to suggest! Your tiles are awesome, vibrant colors, cute designs. And DIY is sooo popular right now, I'd bet you could market them as backsplashes quite well. Or as decor for around a doorway...that looks really cute.
As for critical people.......
I think some of it could be genuine concern from folks who have no social skills, sure. And I think a lot of it can be from jealousy. And in that vein, a lot of it can be from people who have never found their happiness and resent those who have. Generally, i bristle at negativity at first, and then I pity the person who gave me negativity because 9 times out of 10, they are not happy people on ~many~ different levels and their unhappiness spills out in all directions and splashes onto others. :-( Let it run off of you and move on.

Best regards (and I favorited your store! :-)

The only negative person is me. Everyone else cheers me on.

When I'm busy, my spouse cooks dinner, cleans the house, hauls and chops wood to keep the fire going, and walks the dog. And occasionally throws me a compliment how much he respects how much I've accomplished. The first few years, I thought I was just throwing good money after bad, especially since we couldn't afford it, but I was never told I was wasting my time. Now I'm at the point where I can't quit even if I wanted to. Too much invested, so I keep moving forward. I'm probably the luckiest person in the world.

Be determined and keep going. Show them they're wrong. Looks like you're already on your way.
I understand how you feel. I receive very little support as well and have to rely on my own belief in myself and my faith in my products to continue doing what I love. Thankfully, it pays for itself.

My advice for you is to be careful. Since you don't have any income coming in, make sure you're not spending money on supplies that you don't have. Prove your mom wrong, but make sure you don't hurt yourself financially in the attempt. Good luck with sales.
Hoooked, I completely hear you on the supply issue. I have a bit of income in child support but other than that I do it completely on my own.

A lot of people are mentioning kitchen tiles, back splash tiles.. etc. I never really considered that. I did have someone on FB email me last week saying the same thing and I just sort of took it in and then moved on. Now a lot of people are now saying the same thing so maybe I just found a new market! I love it!

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