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Latest Etsy Fasion - Ode to the 90's!

Oh, the latest Etsy Fashion email was awesome. It was an ode to Saved by the Bell and the three major girls in the show, Kelly, Lisa, and Jessie. I totally grew up with that TV show and I feel old because the stuff in the 90's is now vintage. OH MY GOD, I'm vintage! LOL

Here it is for folks that haven't seen it yet:

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Eeee, I loved those three! Makes my heart flutter a bit thinking of the Saved by the Bell era. I think I had a crush on A.C. Slater back in the day *blush*
I know there's an effort to bring back those high waists, but that is one thing I was very very glad to see go! It was a great blast from the past!
There's been a lot of focus on 90s fashion this week. At least Saved by the Bell mostly falls into Etsy's vintage definition (it ran from 89-93). But there was a blog post about Clueless the other day, and that movie didn't even come out until 1995.

I feel old. I was married and having kids in the 90s.
I think it's really sad that Etsy promotes 90s "vintage." It makes a mockery of the vintage category here.

I'd love to see those shops show research/proof that their items are Etsy legal 20 years old or more. Most of them aren't.

Promoting "Clueless fashion" on the home page and Etsy finds is so insanely messed up and irresponsible- it was made in 1995. If it weren't so incredibly sad it would make my head explode.

Do as Etsy says.... not as they do.
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Inactive Etsy Member 4:39 pm Apr 10, 2012 EDT
Actually, you can do as Etsy does. I see wearable items on the FP often that are newer than 1992.
So Etsy is promoting 1995 'style' now. Guess 1995 is the new 'vintage' already! I must have slept in later than I thought today. ;)
Saved by the Bell is my guilty pleasure :-/ love that show (and yes, speaking in the present tense!)
I like the one where Jessy becomes a speed freak on caffeine pills or something.

It was TOTALLY her character for Show Girls.
AAAHHHH thanks for this!! I loved Saved By the Bell... I think everyone everyone did of that generation. (Except when they got to "the college years"..) LOL

Loved that 90's style, especially the Lisa Turtle peplum!

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