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Zoning denied my Business Permit

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ya, sweaters are safe and easy!!! ;-)
also, ive heard when you do apply for the variance, they notify neighbors who can object to it, if they want to. if you are going to start working with stuff like that- chemicals and such in a residential neighborhood for business purposes, the residents of that neighborhood have a right to object and fight it, and can prevent you from being allowed to do it.

at least that is my understanding of the whole thing
I see, though I do not work with chemicals. I emailed the director of L&I so we'll see...
...some times, trying to do the 'right thing' opens a Big can of worms :/

different zoing can even put you in a diffent rate for things like your
electric bill (at least here in n.j.)

hope things work out for you !
yea, also p;roperty taxes are assessed differently as well.

and even though you may not actually use certain chemicals, the potential is there with that type of product. and even things that may not be classified as "chemicals" can have negative affects on on the environment, the sewers, etc. there are tons of logistics that make localities do these things
Yes. Ugh, this is ridiculous. What do I do if they simply won't give me a business permit? I have some things in mind, but any suggestions?
then, you may have to rent a commercial space that is properly zoned
I was hopeing if I can do manufacturing off site if they would approve... I wonder what proof they would need to see, if any.
I went thru a problem when I remodeled my studio which is one of the bedrooms on the third floor of my home.

To get a work permit for the remodel they told me I had to have a sprinkler system installed on all floors of my house...did not matter what the business was as long as there was a business....that was code.

I string beads together...I told them over and over. Did not matter.
I DO NOT have customers in my home...does not matter.

Obviously months passed and we found a loop hole...since the studio was less than ten percent of my home it was okay without a sprinkler system.
well, if you rented a space, that would be the location that gets the business permit and stuff, and would be your business location. just like one having a B&M, or a warehouse, etc

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