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To move my blog or not

I read that having a blog on one's own site helps with SEO so I'm thinking of "abandoning" my Blogger blog and starting one on my website since the website service I use offers one.

Is it better to leave my Blogger blog as-is with a redirect post to my new blog or move all the posts to my new blog and delete the Blogger one?

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I agree that having your own website is far superior than a free one through Blogger or the like. I'm getting mine up and running next month!

That being said, I don't think it matters which way you move. I'm all for 'Start Where You Are' - so I'd go with whichever method is fastest and most convenient for you!
you can continue to use your blogger blog on your own domain. You just have to charge something about where the domains point to. It should be in the FAQs.
I've been on Blogger for over 4 years now, and I would say it's better to leave your Blogger blog where it is so as to avoid getting slapped by Google for plagiarism of your blog posts. Unless you intend to rewrite all of your blog posts. Just make sure you add a menu link to your blog that links back to your main website.
Jalessa, great info! I didn't realize Google does that.
Your welcome, it would suck really bad to get penalized for copying you OWN blog posts >.<
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:27 pm Apr 12, 2012 EDT edited
If you are setting up a new site on a new domain and your platform enables importing blogger content (posts, comments, pages, images) then that is the best strategy.

The existing content that you have spent time (weeks? months? years?) creating is very valuable "index-able" (by search engines) content that will help "kickstart" the "authority" (for search) of your new site/domain.

The best strategy is to import those posts (comments, etc.) into your new domain/site and setup a "301 redirect" for the old (content) pointing to the new.

Then delete the old. (or not, the 301 redirect essentially makes the content at the old location invisible)

This is the proper way (makes Google, Bing!, Yahoo! happy) to move content to a new URL while preserving incoming links and averting the "duplicate content penalty".

Now you have all the built up authority and ranking of the old content on your new site.

301 redirects can be setup in webmaster tools and through other services - I can't remember if there is anything in the Blogger dashboard that allow this (haven't been inside a blogger blog admin in a while).

Setting up an XML sitemap will further help with the proper transition from old to new.

Hope that helps. :)
Having a blog on your site could help with seo due to providing fresh content on a regular basis for search engines to crawl. I wouldn't worry about duplicate content especially since you won't have a bunch of urls on one domain pointing to the same content and your not taking content from someone else. It's your own.

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Inactive Etsy Member 1:41 pm Apr 12, 2012 EDT edited
Yes - exactly.

I forgot to mention, if you don't have blogging capabilities built in to your new site, you can easily add an installation of WordPress to your site in a directory - so your blog could reside at: "yourdomain.com/blog/" and would enable you to facilitate the move of posts, etc. (from your old blog) and give you all the "seo goodness" that shopkurbuhaun refers to above. :)

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