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Would you buy from 90% positive??

I saw a beautiful item from this shop whose feedback is only 90% positive. Would you buy from this shop?? I want to hear your opinions.

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probably not but I would read to see what the issues were if I wanted it badly enough.
depends - perhaps all the (negative) feedback was from one transaction - multiple items.
I would browse through their feedback no matter how long the list is to find out how they came to get 90% because I know there are a lot of buyers leaving negative feedback for unnecessary reasons.
As long as it wasn't because of bad craftsmanship and it was an item that would be covered under Paypal buyer protection I would have no problem with it.
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12:53 pm Apr 12, 2012 EDT
I would certainly consider it. It depends on what the negative feedback was for.
I don't think I would, but I would read the feedback to see if it really was a problem. If it was a seller that doesn't have many sales and one person bought a couple of things and left interesting feedback, it could make a difference to me, but I would probably err on the side of caution and not purchase.
Depends on whether they had 10 feedbacks or 100. And why the feedback was negative. Heck, it could have been feedback for them as a buyer and since we can't see that feedback, that wouldn't affect my decision to buy.
Probably not. If they only had like 10 sales then maybe. If it was over 100 sales and 90% positive then no.
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Inactive Etsy Member 12:54 pm Apr 12, 2012 EDT
It would depend on the reasons for the negatives, for me. You can't please everyone, that is absolutely for sure. If it's clear the negatives were left for reasons that wouldn't bother me, I wouldn't think twice.

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