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Are Etsy Search Ads worth it?

Just curious about your experience. Have heard huge mixed reviews on the showcases. Are the search ads better?

Thanks! :)

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For me, waste of money.
I personally didn't find that it was worth it but you will also hear from tons of people who swear that it was worth every penny!

Probably the best way to look at it is whether or not you can gamble with that money and risk losing it.
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:14 pm Apr 14, 2012 EDT
I tried it when it first came out and wasn't impressed, but I've seen an increasing number of people who find them successful. I don't know if that means the system has improved or those people just know how to pick all the right words.
That's my experience. I have overall made more off of them than I have spent.
Don't do showcases, they ARE useless.
Search adds are worth a try if you want to.
I have used both search ads and showcase spots. Each time I have made more than I spent in the month. I think it is a longevity issue. One week of ads might not make a difference. And it shouldn't be the only marketing you do. Just my two cents.
For a while after opening my Shop I tried Search Ads. Then I spent hours, which were free, perfecting my tags. Ever since then, I've had the same results whenever I've typed things like "dog apparel" into the Search box as I had while doing Search Ads. As I said, taking the time to get tags right doesn't coat a penny, and the outcome - finding items of yours on the first few pages of "Search" - is the same as what you get by spending up to $5, $10 or $25/week on Search Ads. In other words, when it comes to signing up for Search Ads, my advice is:don't bother, it's a waste of money.

I just started and have 6 new sales. I also have many many views per day. I find its very worth it..or worth a shot..I wouldve been out only 9.00 for the week. Just try it:) Good luck with sales to everyone too
For me search ads have been a complete waste of money so far... But I plan to try them for another month or so and see what happens.
We tried it for a month but decided it wasn't worth the cost. Rather spend my ad dollars seeking outside promotions that are more directly related to our products and seek out new potential customers.

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