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this makes me mad.

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The fact that I drank 2 cups of coffee yesterday instead of one and now I am wide awake at 2:28 in the morning instead of being able to sleep ... knowing I'll be exhausted tomorrow. oh, wait, it is tomorrow ... oh well, my plan is to continue speed-eating Triscuits and blame the empty box on my cat if anyone in my family asks where they are (LOL)
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Inactive Etsy Member 5:52am Apr 19, 2012 EDT
I had my home phone number changed after getting frequent calls for a company that sells concert tickets. Now my new number has been getting calls for the restaurant up the street! People have been calling to change dinner reservations. When I tell them they have the wrong number they yell- "Then why the heck did you answer the phone??" Wth?? Because it's MY phone and MY phone number, knuckle-heads! (Guess I'm finally gonna have to give up on having a home phone like the rest of the planet.) Either that or I'm gonna have to open up my kitchen for take-out!
I`m totes getting myself a toilet paper fairy! Where does one buy such a thing? :P
Aggressive drivers make me mad...but in all honesty this isn't really a Business Topic.

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4. threads about PayPal issues
5. shipping and postage discussions
6. photography questions

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