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How do you feel about buying edible items on etsy?

I dont know if its just me, but I am very wary about the possibility of purchasing edible item, Soap, or Bath products on etsy because i just dont think its safe to purchase this stuff online. Who knows what they could put in it, you know? Whats everyone elses opinion on this?

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I would if shipping was reasonable or even available to Canada. I think I would be wary of buying from a shop that doesn't have any/good feedback, but as with anything, I figure if others are having a good experience with a seller, their product must be good.
Who knows what they put in all the stuff you buy at the supermarket?
I don't see why it wouldn't be safe....
I'm with you. Just would not do it. With absolutely no regulation? Uh, I dont think so.
But then again, I dont even go to pot lucks. Just gross.
Just to add to Marion's comment: Also, who knows what any handmade item is *really* made out of.
When it comes to buying soap on Etsy, I check out the seller's feedback. I very much enjoy buying soap on Etsy.

That said, you do have to be careful. I've discovered that I'm allergic to some kinds of homemade lip gloss that I've bought both at a craft fair and on Etsy. Fortunately, I have found an Etsy shop that sells lip gloss that is perfectly fine for me.

Edibles? Had a friend buy me some cookies from an Etsy shop. They were okay.

Everyone has their own comfort level.
???????? How do you know what major manufacturers put in it?

My only hesitation in buying edibles on etsy is the very real possibility of the wildlife where I live eating it out of the mailbox before I get to it...:) I had a raccoon stick its head in the back door last night while I was cooking. Guess he wanted to know what was for dinner. hahaha
I bet that the people who sell edibles on here are A LOT more careful with their products than the huge factories. I know that I am when I am cooking/baking for others. I don't sell anything on here, but I don't see a problem with buying edibles from others.

You should try it.
Yet another edibles-bashing thread!

If you don't want to buy edibles on here , then don't -- but please dont be disrespectfull to a whole class of sellers who are as entitled to sell there wares here as you are

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