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cheap, decent, easy to use sewing machine for cardstock??

I add a lot of hand stitched details to my cards....after having made 20 cards my fingers are bleeding. yipes!

So, I figured it's time to stop being cheap and invest in a sewing machine. Does any sewers have recommendation for something that's pretty light weight and affordable? I'm also not a sewer...so something that's easy to use?

thanks so much!

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I got a Brother sewing machine from Wal-Mart.
I use it to haul around to sewing classes.

Sewing on paper dulls needles fast. Just stock up on them when you do buy a machine.
I use singer which is only around 150 dollars. It does eveything I need to.
How much are you planning on spending??
I think I saw a little sewing machine at Michael's. You could use the coupon.
You can get cheap little machines especially for sewing card. They are far cheaper than 'proper' machines.


Beware you will probably get through a lot more needles than when sewing with fabric. I have one of these and use it for paper - so as not to fill my proper machine with paper dust. It is a study little thing and has been going for many years. Also takes up very little space.
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:47pm Apr 16, 2012 EDT
Don't waste your money on one of those mini sewing machines. I had one and it was a piece of you-know-what. If you notice the reviews on Amazon they're half good and half terrible. I'd do my research and look for an inexpensive, basic model. You might be able to pick one up at Michael's, A.C. Moore or JoAnn's with a coupon (I don't know if they let you use coupons on sewing machines).

I got my sewing machine at BJ's in 1999. My husband gave it to me for Christmas. It was $179 and that included a case. I use it for basic stuff these days like mending and hems. In the past I've made curtains and dresses for my daughter (I have no patience for sewing dresses so I don't do that anymore!).
I have the brother ce8080pw. I love it. I just got it a few weeks ago. It was 150 at walmart. I would agree with the others and don't get a mini one.

Mine is very lightweight and I can carry it around. I LOVE my machine.
I would call around to local dealers I have seen plenty of older used machines for less then 50.00. Or check in the family maybe an aunt or someone has one they are not using, for a oil and tune up for 50-75.00 or so you could have a decent machine. Look on craigslist, there are always machines on craigslist.

eta, those mini things are the worst!

I would maybe start with a thimble to save those fingers in the meantime. :)
If you were close to me I'd sell you one my old machines for $20.00 - they work fine but I need a machine to sew heavy fabrics. Look in the newspaper, put the word out to friends, go to garage sales.
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:57pm Apr 16, 2012 EDT
Great idea to buy used, especially if you don't need it for heavy use.

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