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Wearing my Etsy sandwich board again

I am thinking of recommending opening an Etsy shop to another person I know. I got my mom and dad to open shops, and have recommended it to a few others. I think I do this more often than I promote my own shop or tell people about Etsy as a marketplace to shop.

Do you recommend Etsy- as a selling rather than a shopping venue- to people you know?

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I do, but they never seem to take me seriously. I am very grateful to the person who suggested it to me, though!
Yes, all the time (for both)! I was in the jewelry section at my hobby shop when I started talking to another person browsing.

Pretty soon we were talking about Etsy and I gave her my card. :)
I don't because I live in a small town and not many people here know etsy.
I do! One person has come on board but the rest think that there is no way they can actually sell their things. They make cute stuff, so maybe in time they will come on over!
Wool, not everyone takes me seriously either. But I think it's fun and it makes me a nice hobby income.

Phanie, that's even more than I do! I have only recommended it to people I know, so far. You're a better spokesperson than I :)

Gloria, all the people I have recommended it to live in cities- and I find most of them don't know of Etsy either. Seems so surprising to me since I am here so much.
Cake, I think my dad was in that same category originally. But now he gets grumpy when he goes too long without a sale, so he definitely had a change of heart about believing people would buy his stuff!
I have to admit, I don't know that many crafty people. Many times I feel like a fish out of water, but I find Etsy to be a great place for buying and selling! I definitely tell people to come here and shop :)
Karen, I guess most of the people I recommended it to are people I knew as a kid or before I moved to NYC. My coworkers now think it's a bit quirky of me to have an Etsy and they are not crafty. But, on the other hand, I have been explaining to someone that I sell on this site called "Etsy" and had someone reveal that they also sell here. So you never know.
i always encourage people to open etsy shops. even those whose crafts are in my same (crowded) category. the more the merrier.

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