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Wearing my Etsy sandwich board again

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I got my dad into looking at Etsy as a place to shop.
I try to give a complete picture of the work involved in having a shop, but I might have a slightly Pollyanna attitude about it still since it's part of my fun hobby. I occasionally recommend it shopping on Etsy, but it's definitely a weird personality thing that I'm so focused on the making side.

I think it's so kind that everyone offers so much advice and help when recommending someone start selling.
I do tell crafters about it sometimes and have received similar responses, they don't want to do the "work" of actually getting people to the shop, they would rather just list and sell. The ones who craft as a hobby think it sounds like too much work, and the ones who craft as a business don't want to take the leap to "online". I think selling to the whole world or even the whole country seems scarey to people at first.
Sounds like a pretty common response. Seems that there's no harm in mentioning it, and certainly nothing wrong with knowing that it's not something you're prepared to manage.

However, sending packages to locations far and wide is one of my favorite things.
Funny. I had a ton of other crafters tell me NOT to try Etsy. That they gave it a try, and they couldn't sell anything. That's why I didn't start listing here until this year. But, it's working out for me so far - I love it. I really like all the work involved - I've learned a TON over that past few months. And, who doesn't like to learn something new?

Angela, I was thinking about how you steer people away from trying Etsy. Maybe if they gave it a try they'd figured out that what you do isn't nearly as easy as it looks. If they fail - they'll think that you're wonder woman, and if they do well (after putting hard work into it), they'll thank you.

I have to a couple people. No one has followed through. I love encouraging people to start their own businesses.

I got my mom to sign up though and now she comes and buys sometimes!

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