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The art of Twitter

Ok, so I'm a little behind the game on twitter and only opened my account a couple of months ago. Trying to catch up to speed on social media in general.
I am really trying to create a twitter account that has a delicate balance of advertising my jewelry while keeping interesting in other subjects so my followers get something back.
Any advice? Is there a magic ratio of advertising vs. personal tweets? Is there something I should be tweeting about that would make you as a follower want to read?
Bring me to 2012 fellow Etsiers!

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I think the general rule is to keep 20% or less business-related; the rest can be a mix of personal events, thoughts; ideas, etc.

Most of my Twitter is just what I'm doing that day; but I do post links to new items.
I was going to say 5 to 1 as well. Also try to reply to people's tweets or retweet theirs if you like it.

I've made a lot of new friends that way.

When you're looking for people to follow make sure they are your target audience too... Use keywords to look for people.

When I signed up I looked up other sahm moms for example. good luck!
I like the 5 to 1 ratio for tweets. I try to keep mine around there, because personally I get annoyed and stop following people who tweet listings all day long. Way too spammy!
I like how you discribe twitter as art. I am not into art. That is probably why I have no idea how to take advantage of twitter for my business.
One way I like to get good content on my Twitter is to link to a couple of blogs I think people will like. I have an account on Twitterfeed--you can set it up to automatically feed blog posts from your chosen blogs to your Twitter feed.

This isn't all I do; I also do a lot of personal tweeting, but this helps me get content out there even when I'm asleep!

And one of my favorite ways to find people to follow is to go to a the Twitter page of a magazine whose readership I think would be my target market. I follow lots of people and many of them follow me back.

I use www.justunfollow.com to clean out my non-followers periodically.

Good luck!
I agree with what everyone else said.. keep the business stuff to like 20% because I just started doing twitter (my target audience is like.. anyone with dogs which can be any and everyone, truly) and I hate when my Twitter Feed is one person talking about all their awesome crap. Like oh come on, seriously.

I also think the point of twitter and facebook are to make a person a real - person - so tweeting about the jerk that cut you off at the red light is so acceptable since it happens to everyone and virtually when the person is reading it they want to be like "Dude.. so true, so true."
I use Twitter in conjunction with StumbleUpon.

I browse certain topics of interest on StumbleUpon and when I "stumble upon" something I think others would find interesting, I tweet it.

I mix that with occasional self-promotional tweets. Lately I've been doing more self-promoting, but as a general rule I try to tweet nine or ten things to every one self-promoting tweet.

My "stumbling" technique seems to work well because I get a lot of re-tweets from it.
Thanks for posting this; I've already changed my tweeting tactics thanks to the advice here!

This is all SO helpful.
Also, thank you Chris for giving me the go ahead to be real on twitter. You put it in a way I understand. It's to create a person behind the product. That hit home.
And the stumble upon is a great idea! And the twitterfeed! I feel so naive, I had never heard of that!
Thanks for the help everyone!

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