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How'd You Start?

How did you start your craft? Was it something you always knew how to do? Something you became interested and passionate about?


I started almost a year ago after being bored one day and going to the library. I found Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts to find something to make. I found a bath tea recipe that looked fun and decided to try. I made it, and my husband and I tested it that night. It was so much fun and I just started researching more and more natural bath & body recipes.

The rest is history! I made this my full-time thing in December 2011!

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I've been sewing for over 40 years but put my sewing machine away for atleast 15. Then, my youngest daughter had her first baby 2 years ago, and the spark reignited. Now, I can't stop dreaming up new things to make for new mom's. Loving my journey.
I started making jewelry back in middle school, stopped during college, and re-started again afterwards. After making too many pieces for me to wear, and selling a few to friends, a friend who sold her own stuff on Etsy convinced me to try it. I'm happy I did!
Ohhh been doing this for so long it's second nature to me. I just pick up hook or needles and yarn and my hands automatically work hahaha
I started crocheting at 8 years old, on and off for my whole life, I made gifts for people mostly.... then in 1999 I adopted my first retired racing greyhound. Before she arrived I purchased 5 dog sweaters for her... when she arrived none of them fit her properly... so I designed my own pattern, and A & B Originals was born. Have been making dog sweaters for 13 years now.

When I came to Etsy I did list a few sweaters in my first shop, they sold, then for two - three years I sold Fingerless Gloves (my own design), but I got burned out one Christmas season when I had to make 95 pair that were ordered over Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend.... so I don't have them listed in my A & B Shop anymore... right now.. maybe someday.

During the warmer months here in the US, I needed something else to keep me busy, so I started All Things Granny.

And so it goes....
I've been super crafty my whole life. Last year, since I'm unemployed, I was looking a low cost way to make a bunch of gifts for many people. I was wandering around my local craft store and a light bulb went off and I started making my coasters. Pretty soon my friends were asking to buy them.

Finally in Feb. I decided to open my Etsy shop. I made a large inventory and opened on March 24th!
I started sewing on and off in grade school. I've always loved it - I find it therapeutic. After giving up my career (PhD Chemist in biotech) to stay home with my kids I slowly got back into it. Now that my youngest is in 1/2 day kindergarten I have 2 hours to myself a day, and thought I'd try getting my feet wet here on Etsy, and then get going in full force next year when all my kids are at school all day. It's taken off much more quickly than I planned - but I'm trying to make it work. Unfortunately, my family is definitely getting the short end of the stick right now. But, I am really loving having a "job" again. And, I like to at least be around my kids during the day, even though I'm not always interacting with them. Hope I can continue to make it work - because it really makes me happy.
Crochet, did you teach yourself or did you learn from through someone else?

@NanaG, I love when passions are reignited!! So happy for you!

@Erin, yay for your friend to convince you to come here!
Oh, for origami, I borrowed a book on origami off my violin teacher, and found that I loved turning scraps of paper into animals and flowers. I used small scrap paper, so I'm quite good at making miniature models.

As for crochet, my mum can crochet and knit, so I learnt one of the 2 off her. I love cute stuff, hence the amigurumi/crocheted dolls :-)
I found weaving in college

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