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Do you mind long shipping if ....

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like others, i wont let it get past 45 days before requesting a refund.

i would offer to pay for it again if it showed up after that but i will not let my window close for filing a claim with paypal.

i do not mind waiting as long as its in that window, i know overseas takes time
I won't wait longer than the 45 days paypal gives me to claim. sorry! But saying that, In all my years online I've never had anything sent proper airmail that took longer (to the UK) except from Canada.
I wouldn't mind waiting for 6-8 weeks if I really love the item, or I really want that item and can't find it elsewhere.

However, 6-8 weeks is a rather long wait. I am from Singapore and my packages to USA takes about 14 - 18 days. Not too much of a problem for my customers...
I have felt bad for some sellers who have received less than positive feedback due to shipping times from other countries to the U.S.. I guess some Americans don't understand how long shipping can take. I have purchased from Europe and Israel (not just on Etsy but from other sites) and I don't even look for my package before 30 days. I recently purchased from Canada and my item took 16 days. No problem for me. I plan to purchase from the seller again. I don't mind waiting and I understand.
No, and I want to know if that's the usual case, that something will take up to two months! I've never had something take that long, unless it was lost.
If I Love the item I purchased very much, I will have patient to wait,
It depends if my communication with the buyer, feels good with trust and professional service,
But as a seller I always hope nothing will happen in the shipping time, like getting lost,

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