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An Open Letter to Chad Dickerson

Dear Etsy CEO, Chad,

If you cannot do something about a BLATANT re-seller here on etsy, how do you expect to have the trust of other authentic Etsy sellers and Etsy customers when it comes to the smaller re-sellers? We complain about the re-sellers each and every day and yet nothing is done about it.

I know someone is going to come along and "wrap this thread up" and that's just not fair. This isn't communism! This is ETSY. People are mad!

I don't understand how the Featured Seller shop is still up and running. If you go to allfromboats.com her "Furniture Showroom" address CLEARLY is pointed out on their website as a "Distributor".

This shop is NOT a "Collective" no matter how much this seller tries to say it is, and no matter how many lawyers she throws at Etsy.

Regretsy found the Bills of Lading from this shop on the internet - the Bills of Lading CLEARLY INDICATE that her company is importing FURNITURE. Not wood. But FURNITURE. The Bill of Lading goes on to point out WHAT TYPES of furniture.

If you aren't actually going to do anything about the "reseller problem" (as you, yourself, have said) here on etsy, then why are you leading us to believe that you are? Why lie to us? We are the ones who pay the fees every month!

This shop, along with other resellers, need to be closed down.

I shop on etsy - a lot. I may have to move my shopping someplace else. And you know who suffers? The staff at etsy, when more and more people will move their shopping (and shops) elsewhere, who will lose their jobs due to decreased revenue, and more sadly - the shopkeepers who are losing the business of customers like me who are fed up.

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Please know that enforcement of our policies is something we take very seriously. If a shop were found in violation of our policies we would take any appropriate action to ensure compliance with our policies. As concerns this situation we have taken considerable time to verify this seller is within our policies. You can find more on this in Juliet's comment here:

Also importantly it's not appropriate within our policies to post negative attacks on specific Etsy shops or members. I'm going to close this now.

If you'd like to discuss this further I'd encourage you to do so here:

With heed to the words of Rob White:

'For a thread to continue, everyone needs to follow the policies for Etsy's Forums. Threads offering constructive criticism about Etsy and Etsy policy are fine, whether they're connected to this matter or not. Threads that discuss other members, shops or items in a negative fashion are not.'

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I wonder what would happen if we, the Etsy community, sent this in a convo to all Etsy admin....each one of us!
I`d love to see a well put together, well thought out letter, powered by sellers signautres (massive amounts) sent out to Etsy.
I hear ya. We're angry and we're not gonna take it any more!
Here ya go: go for it!!

I feel link making a list of all the threads.
etsy as communism? really? :/

you do make a valid point though
I doubt they read the forums, but if you started getting emails with the same Subject and same body of text from hundreds of sellers, I think you'd notice.
Arietta from AriettaVintage says

etsy as communism? really? :/


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Inactive Etsy Member 2:39am Apr 24, 2012 EDT
I actually think buyers like the OP would be more important for Etsy HQ to hear from..

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