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This is eerie...

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Oh, I thought it was going to actually be something eerie.

If it's a popular item that's not unique to that shop then list away.
Tara has it right! You say you researched what color combos were popular with brides and the other seller probably did the exact same thing. From what you describe you definitely aren't copying, just being smart about your product offerings.
After spending that much time on your idea, why not list?
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:14am Apr 24, 2012 EDT
Go for it , if your not copying what she does then thats fine, theres so much stuff around now that is similar but done by different people who don't know each other and just think of it, so i don't see there being anything wrong with it :)
there's only so many different ideas under the sun

Using commercially available beads in this years popular wedding colours, you are bound to come up with very similar ideas & designs

You didnt copy

So list your jewellery with a clear conscience

( if you want an extreme example of how ideas can be similar but totally independent of each other -- way back in the 1950's, two comics were launched on the same day. One in the USA and one in the UK. Both were about a boy and his dog. Both were called Dennis the Menace. Neither artist had copied the other or known about the other. They just came up with the same idea at the same time)
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:17am Apr 24, 2012 EDT
I haven't really run into anyone borrowing my ideas for items. Personally, I just don't think they're open enough to the possibilities...
I have the same thing with some butterfly wings and ribbon tutus I've been making for years. I think the 100th monkey thing is correct .
There are so many shops with similar items. You shouldn't worry. Your work is good! Put your items up :) I hope your sales go well!

Go ahead and list them! A lot of sellers on Etsy have similar or exactly the same items like my catagory and a lot of new sellers have come in and are selling the exact pillow covers as I am but for much less and there still seems to be enough business for all of us.

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