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handmade invitations

I am interested in creating handmade party invitations, and was wondering how I should package them. I will be selling them in sets of 10 or 12.

Should I package EACH invitation in its own seperate cello bag, or should I backage them all together in a stationery box.

I want the packaging as professional looking as possible.

Any thoughts

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any suggestions would be great.
i think the set in a cello bag. that's what i started doing with recipes. then if you have a box to put them in all the better
Would the individual bags add much to the cost? I have bought sets of invites before, but they were not individually wrapped.
If I ordered a set of 12 & they all came in separate cello wrappers I wouldn't be happy for a couple of reasons: 1) it's wasteful & not good for the environment. 2) what a pain to have to open all those wrappers!

How about using a strip of kraft paper wrapped round the middle to keep them all together, maybe with a custom made stamp, simple embellishment or moo logo sticker or address label to seal it.
I quite like the stationery box idea, but at the same time I can imagine a lot of people would just throw it out so it'd be wasteful. How about tying them with some ribbon and having a nice little tag tied on as well? Simple, not over-the-top but also pretty. :)
good idea. ribbon always looks nice and adds elegance
a sticker on the bag with your shop name or "thank you" never hurt either :)
If I were sending invitations, I would find it irritating to have to take each one out of an individual bag as I prepared them for mailing. I'd say package them all together, however you decide to do so.

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