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Jewelry Pictures --> Model or No Model?

Hello! I've been thinking about changing the way I take pictures.....

Wondering, do you think it works better to have a model for pictures with jewelry items or is it fine to have the pieces on a background with props?

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I've seen this discussed frequently here in the forums and you will receive all kinds of answers. I have no one to model my vintage jewelry, therefore mine are taken without a model. I seem to sell okay.
It seems like a lot of people get a little skewed out by people wearing jewelry that they are going to buy - especially earrings. I personally like seeing jewelry on models, but the consensus here seems to be that just a background with props is preferred. Of course, it depends on the person, type of jewelry, if that is the exact piece you are selling or just one for modeling, etc, etc.
The biggest thing people ask me for pictures of a hand with rings.
I much prefer jewelry items to be photographed on simple backgrounds with no props. I fins the props distracting in many cases (especially wine glasses that ourt shimmer a piece of jewelry). Models are effective for necklaces and statement pieces, but I do not have to have a model to showcase a pair of earrings.

I think you could use a model for some of your fun lego necklaces and that your items would really shine on a solid background that is light in color. :O)
thanks for the feedback everyone! Sometimes searching the forums can be tedious and I seem to get some better answers when I ask myself!

Jeananne I will definitely consider those ideas!
I personally do not like seeing items modeled on a person. I use backdrops and sometimes for earrings, I use my mannequin head wearing one or the last photo.
I'm not keen on seeing jewelry modelled on a person - definitely prefer backgrounds of some sort, but nothing that distracts from the item. That having been said, I do like an idea of how necklaces in particular will sit, so for those I quite like to see them on a mannequin. But I guess it's different strokes for different folks, some people would love to see items modelled by a person. :)
I would use a mannequin instead of a model--people sometimes get turned away by seeing another wearing their possible future purchase. Otherwise, nice neutral backgrounds like an old book or canvas is lovely:)

Best of luck!
I guess I'm gonna have to buy myself a mannequin. Wow, insightful thread.

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