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Are your item views more than your shop views?

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If you are trying to direct more people to your main store front page of your shop, try adding a link in each of your listings back to the main page:

To See More Items Click Here

This will encourage people to click directly to your main page to see your announcements and the first page of items at a glance.

Though yes, your item views will ALWAYS be higher than your shop views. And you want it that way, you want people to go crazy looking at all your amazing items :) If they are just viewing your "shop" then bouncing straight out, that would be a very good sign that your pics and titles probly need some work, as they are not drawing in the buyer to continue browsing more in depth.
Typically I have more item views than shop views.
You WANT more item views than shop views....

If someone views your shop homepage, that is a shop view....if they then click on individual items, those are item views.
I would rather have more item views, meaning people came to my shop and were interested enough to go through and click on individual items, than shop views, where people entered the shop and were NOT interested enough to click on anything.
Yep, put a link to your shop in every one of your listing descriptions.
Thank you everyone! I am new to posting on boards so I really appreciate all of your responses!

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